The Climate Fringe Café: Adelaide Place

We are hosting a multi-purpose civil society hub at Adelaide Place on Bath St in Central Glasgow during COP26, housing a café and socialising space, hotdesks, and event space. Our vision is to welcome civil society to COP with warmth and to help provide what they need to be successful at the negotiations. After Co-Working in the day and hosting the COP26 Coalition Movement Assemblies, the café will transform into a vibrant creative event space, join us for open mic ceilidhs and our very own International Climate Ceilidh. 

Accessibility: All rooms on the ground floor are fully wheelchair accessible. 

IMPORTANT: All attendees will need to show a text or email showing a negative lateral flow submitted to the NHS system before being admitted. You should register at the hub and testing centre just a block away at the pedestrianised zone on Sauchihall Street. Masks must be worn. More info here.

What's on at Adelaide Place?

1. Meet and Organise: Non-Bookable Hot Desks

Looking for a space to meet and organise during COP? The central space main space will be filled with co-working and meeting space in tables of of up to 6 people.  Our Climate Café will serve food and drinks daily from 11am – 1pm. 

Capacity: 70 people under current government guidelines. 

Timing: 8.30am – 4.30pm

Dates Available: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 11th of November.

This Space is Non-Bookable

2. COP26 Coalition Movement Assemblies

Our friends at the COP26 Coalition will be running daily Movement Assemblies to unpick the day’s discussions at COP, to hear from key people from the movement and to strategise and to plan. build power for system change. 
Timing 5-6.30pm daily

3. Let’s Come Together: Open Mic Ceilidhs

Bring your stories, songs, poems and music and be part of our Open Mic Nights during COP26. We’ll have a different host each night, who will draw together an evening of spontaneity and inspiration. Our aim is to create a space of meeting, dialogue and creativity where everyone is welcome and we can break down the barriers that can form at COP.  
Dates for Open Mic Ceilidhs: 5, 11 & 12 of November
Doors 7pm – 9.30pm close

Welcome to COP: International Climate Ceilidh

On Saturday the 30th of October we welcome all international activists and campaigners to our International Climate Ceilidh. Music from Zazim Glasgow, making music influenced by UK, Latin, West African percussion music and Celtic traditional music

Join us for live music, food, drinks, camaraderie and hearty ceilidhing in the heart of Glasgow. 

Food and Drink at Adelaide Place

We are bringing together local community kitchens to provide delicious tasty lunches during our hot-desking sessions in the day. 

Photo Credit to Jaye Reynolds