Arts Resources and Opportunities

We believe that arts, creativity and culture can help people think differently about the climate crisis and make the impact that is needed at COP. It can also bring us together across boundaries and help us face difficult issues.

Bookable Arts Space during COP26

During the UN conference, for the first two weeks of November, SCCS are providing an Arts Hub based at the Dream Machine at 257 London Road. Artivists will have access to:

  • A studio space
  • A rehearsal or workshop space
  • A meeting space

Are you an artist or activist looking to exhibit your art?

We are helping artists and activists connect with shopfronts and other exhibition spaces.

In addition to connecting artists with gallery space, we are also curating 
pop-up exhibitions in shop window fronts in the city centre. This project seeks to broadcast images created by both local artists, but also global south artists and activists who are unable to travel to COP but who live on the frontlines of the climate crisis.

Arts Volunteering Opportunities in Glasgow

We are looking for a team of volunteers to:

  • Host the Arts Hub at the Dream Machine during COP26 (1st-12th November). We need volunteers to help run and invigilate our arts hub at the Dream Machine, hosting the local and international groups using the space. 
  • Co-curate the exhibitions project with us in shopfronts and galleries (present-November 14th). We need

    volunteers to scout out for exhibition and display spaces across the city and coordinate the installation and deinstallation before and after COP26; basic mounting skills desirable.

Email Lucy with queries on any of the above.

Arts & Events Projects responding to COP26

A directory of ongoing Arts Projects or Arts Organisations working towards COP26.

Add your own to this document with an image and we'll upload it below.

Carnival Arts Yard

What? Large venue hosting artists and activists.
Where? North Glasgow at the Arts Yard (124 Craighall Rd, Glasgow G4 9TR).
Who? Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (SCCS) is supporting a range of collectives and organisations during Climate Fringe Week, in the cultural hub run by Julie Murray, including carnival lantern workshops by Manuela Benini and others.
Looking for collaboration? Yes - stay tuned for details on how to apply to run a ‘take over’ evening event or book a studio space.
Image: Readying Giant Puppets for COP26.
Contact details: [email protected] or [email protected]

Climate Beacons for COP26

What? A Scotland-wide collaborative project between climate change or environmental organisations and arts, heritage or cultural organisations to stimulate long-term public engagement in the lead-up to and following COP26. More information here:
Where? Seven hubs known as ‘Climate Beacons’ are taking form in Argyll, Caithness & East Sutherland, Fife, Inverclyde, Midlothian, the Outer Hebrides, and Tayside, each made up of two or more cultural and environmental organisations working together.
Who? Organised by Creative Carbon Scotland alongside Architecture & Design Scotland, Creative Scotland, Edinburgh Climate Change Institute, Museums Galleries Scotland, Scottish Library Information Council, and Sustainable Scotland network, with funding from the Scottish Government, Creative Scotland, and Museums Galleries Scotland. Across the 7 Beacons, more than 40 different organisations are involved.
Looking for collaboration? Many of the Climate Beacons are actively looking for others to work with in their local area. If you are interested with working with any of the Beacons, please get in touch and we can connect you, although it’s up to the Beacons to decide if they want to work with you.
Contact details: [email protected]
Image: Climate Beacons for COP26 logo.

By Painting Murals, we tear down Walls

What? International mural project.
“We are living in a world in which walls are built that divide human beings, leaving all those who demand social, economic and climate justice on the other side. But, for the excluded the walls are not only walls that separate, but also spaces for an alternative narrative. Through painting on the wall, the artist tells a story, reclaims, denounces and protests; communicates and draws attention to a reality that affects them, their community and the world. The project invites mural artists, photographers and the public to share their own photos of murals with a narrative about the climate crisis and the destruction of the planet. These mural images will be collected to form a ‘digital wall’ and then reproduced for public display in Glasgow.”

Where? In Glasgow, TBC.
Who? Pedro Perez.
Looking for collaboration? Yes.
Image: Photo from Pedro’s personal archive.
Contact details: [email protected]

Climate Change Creative

What? The project ‘Climate Change Creative’ takes a digital gallery as its starting point, pooling images, banner designs and statements from around the world in order to foreground the usually marginalised voices of those directly affected by climate breakdown. These submissions might illustrate personal experiences of the impacts of environmental damage, local resistance campaigns or regenerative projects.
Who? Visual artist Fadzai Mwkutuya, part of the artists’ collective, Repository of the Undercommons.
Looking for collaboration? Yes, open to all ages and abilities, with international participation encouraged.
Image: Stanley Sibanda, “Moon & Sun” (96cm x 66cm, mixed media on stretched paper).
Contact details: [email protected] or [email protected]

Stitches for survival

What? Craft-based activism on a massive scale, Stitches for Survival will knit, crochet, stitch and craft 1.5 miles of climate messages for the COP negotiators, reflecting the commitment to limit warming to 1.5 degrees.
Where? Based in Scotland with international contributions.
Who? Collaborative piece with hundreds of supporters on social media and dozens of contributors (and counting!) Coordinated by Jane Lewis and others in Edinburgh.
Looking for collaboration? Yes.
Image: Panel by Suzanne Mosse.
Contact details: [email protected]

Leaves for Life

What? Project by Possible Dialogues (an artist and activist group from Scotland and Colombia) creating giant leaf-shaped bunting to string up and hang out of windows, allowing nature to creep into Glasgow during COP:
“We are asking people from across the world to get involved in Leaves for Life, a mass action to make giant leaf flags or leaf bunting, to hang across your street, and out of your window to bring a greater focus to the climate crisis. By joining the Leaves for Life action, we broadcast our message. Stop deforestation, protect forests and communities, across the planet before it’s too late.”
Where? Glasgow.
Who? Zoe Walker and Neil Bromwich of artist-duo Walker and Bromwich:, and artist Ailie Rutherford
Looking for collaboration? Yes.
Image: Walker and Bromwich discussing Possible Dialogues at the Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh in their installation “The Encampment of Eternal Hope”.
Contact details: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

Letters to the Earth

What? “We invite you to write a letter – and it can be to or from the earth, future or past generations, other species, or people in positions of power. What do you feel called to say? What kind of world do you want to live in? And how can we get there? Take this question to your communities. Write your letters. Send them, post them, share them on social media using the hashtag #lettersototheearth. And together we’ll create a new story for our future.”
To link up with the recent publication of the book Letters to the Earth, Writing to a Planet in Crisis, the team behind the book is still accepting submissions for those who want to put their feelings about the climate crisis into words, and is working with young people to develop work based on these internal explorations.
Where? London-based with international contributors and working on projects with Tron Theatre’s Young Company (18-25 year olds) in Glasgow.
Who? Kay Michael, Anna Hope, Jo McInnes, Kay Michael and Naomi Wirthner.
Looking for collaboration? Yes.
Image: Letters to the Earth, Writing to a Planet in Crisis, cover design featuring illustration by Jackie Morris.
Contact details: [email protected]; Twitter: @letterstoearth_


What? An animated short film chronicling the effects of climate change through the journey of Hamish the Highland Cow.
Where? International participants working together remotely.
Who? Collaborative project by Xavier Weiss, Karla Calvillo Salinas and others.
Looking for collaboration? Yes.
Contact details: [email protected], Twitter: @HamishFilm
Image: Still from “Hamish”.

Poets for the Planet

What? Community of poets, performers, artists and creative activists collaborating with scientists from Imperial College London, hosting multilingual poetry and spoken word events in and around COP26. Recently awarded badges for COP26!
Where? Based in the UK, but collaborating for COP26 with poets writing in the six official languages of the UN (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish) and Gaelic.
Who? Ian McLachlan, Susie Campbell and Debora Watson.
Looking for collaboration? Yes.
Contact details: [email protected] or [email protected],

Jigsaw Puzzle of Positive Solutions

What? Collective craft project for wall hanging - embroider, stitch or applique a jigsaw piece patch illustrating a positive solution to climate or environmental breakdown. The submissions will be pieced together into a bold plan for systemic change.
Where? Edinburgh.
Who? Extinction Rebellion Edinburgh (Hana and Alex, Arts Coordinators).
Looking for collaboration? Yes.
Contact details: [email protected] or [email protected]
Image: Jigsaw piece created by Hana.

Scotland Art Bike

What? “Artivism on two wheels.”
Where? Glasgow.
Who? Neil MacPherson.
Contact details:
Image: Neil at Climate March in Kelvingrove park, 2019 (featured on BBC).

Cultura Planetaria

What? Cultura Planetaria is a climate artivist collective, working on artistic forms of community mobilisation from the south of South America. Recognising that many will not be able to participate in protests due to Covid and other restrictions, they are looking into creative expressions as a form of ‘mass mobilisation without the mass’.
Where? International (in particular working with artists and youth groups from Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Guatemala), but based in Chile.
Who? Paula Tassara.
Looking for collaboration? Yes.
Contact details: [email protected] Twitter: @CulturaPlaneta

Loving Earth Project

What? The Loving Earth Project is an international community textile project helping people to engage with climate breakdown and to take action rooted in love and truth. Over 400 panels have so far been made: most are on our online gallery.

Where? Groups of textile panels made will be displayed in and around Glasgow during COP26, along with textile workshops and an online/in person discussion of the issues.

Who? A Quaker-led project. Coordinator - Linda Murgatroyd

Looking for collaboration? Yes: please join our events, or host a future exhibition.

Contact details: [email protected] @lovingearthpro1 @LovingEarthProject

“A Vanished Sea (Without a Trace)” Residency in Rye

What? A multidisciplinary residency for artists, creative practitioners, and environmental researchers to work on a site-responsive project during a three-month residency at Bridgepoint Creative Centre in Rye, East Sussex.
Where? BridgePoint Rye Rock Channel TN31 7DE, England.
Who? Run by non-profit Climate Art (headed by Dzmitry Suslau and Jevgenija Ravcova) and Bridgepoint Rye, in collaboration with Sussex Wildlife Trust. The selected artists are:
Alistair Debling (
Mo Langmuir (insta: @molangmuir)
Joseph Williams: (
Looking for collaboration? The residency is finished but they are looking for opportunities to exhibit.
Contact details: [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected]
Image: The residency is looking to exhibit their work in Glasgow during COP26.

Dear Green Bothy

What? “Marking Glasgow’s hosting of the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference – COP26 – in November 2021, The Dear Green Bothy is a programme of free public events and activities demonstrating the vital role played by the arts and humanities in understanding and addressing climate emergency. Led by the University of Glasgow’s College of Arts, The Dear Green Bothy is an open space where researchers, artists and communities can gather to respond creatively and critically to the challenges of the ecological crisis.”
Where? Online.
Who? Led by Casi Dylan and Mark Banks.
Contact details: [email protected] [email protected]
Image: "Travelling among rocks and water" (rocks on the River Kelvin by the Glasgow Arboretum) © Minna Törmä 2021.


What? Collective who use subvertising to draw attention to injustices and simultaneously reclaim public space from advertisers.
Where? Based in the UK.
Who? Anonymous contributors and street artists.
Contact details? No contact details but many toolkits:
Image: Anti-HSBC campaign highlighting the greenwashing and ‘climate Colonialism’ practised by the bank, November 2020.

UNFIX Festival

What? UNFIX is an annual eco performance art festival.
“UNFIX 2021 hosted 17 days worth of performances, films, conversations, rituals, and workshops given by over 70 artists from all over the world. We hope to have thrown some light on the climate emergency but also, perhaps, inspire us all to take action and make friends with our ecological grief.”
Where? Based in Glasgow.
Who? Creative director: Paul Michael Henry.
Contact details: [email protected] Insta: @unfixfestival

A + E Collective

What? Eco artists’ collective.
“A+E is a group of creatives working in design, film, food and writing, coming together to awaken people’s imaginations and investment in a better world … Our mission involves the following: promoting cross-disciplinary collaboration, cooperative research and participatory creative practice; continually traversing new modes of stimulating environmental and conscious thinking; maintaining commitment to making our work accessible to a wide audience; and, finally, furthering artistic and intellectual exchanges with individuals and institutions both within and beyond the art world.”
Where? Glasgow.
Interested in collaboration? Yes.
Contact details: [email protected], Insta: @a.e.collective


What? This online exhibition, launching in the run-up to COP 26, will stitch together footage of forests from across the globe to make Treeline, a film work in a continuous panorama, which is a co-commission with Forestry England.
Where? International, but Ruth is based in London.
Who? Moving image artist Ruth Maclennan, commissioned by the Film Video Umbrella and the Forestry Commission England (, supported by Arts Council England.
Interested in collaboration? Yes.
Image: Photo credit: Ruth Maclennan.
Contact details? Call for submissions:

Surveying the Anthropocene

What? Eco-photography book, with features by George Monbiot and Jared Diamond.
Who? Published by the journal Studies in Photography, edited by Patricia MacDonald, produced by artist-photographer Alexander Hamilton.
Where? Scotland-based with international contributions.
Looking for collaboration? Looking to launch the book during COP; searching for funders and collaborators.
Image: Volume cover design.
Contact details: [email protected]

Weaving Hopes for the Future

What? A project to empower Orang Asli (Indigenous) youths and women in Peninsula Malaysia to participate meaningfully in climate decision-making spaces locally and globally. They have worked through a series of community art sessions to produce artwork that they are looking to exhibit around COP26.
Who? Klima Action Malaysia (KAMY), Students for Global Health.
Where? Based in Malaysia but looking to exhibit in Glasgow.
Looking for collaboration? Yes, they really need a space in Glasgow where they can exhibit as they have not been able to find one yet.
Contact details: [email protected]

Ocean ARTic

What? A new partnership that brings creatives and marine climate scientists together to explore the impact of climate change in the Arctic and Scotland through climate data and stories. Have set up residencies and commissions for artists to collaborate with scientists, producing works to be exhibited around COP26.
Who? Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland (MASTS), Blue Action, Creative Informatics.
Where? Scotland-wide and online.
Looking for collaboration? May be interested in venue offers.
Contact details:


What? Ecostage is an online initiative for the performing arts that embeds ecological thinking at the centre of the creative process, from start to finish. It is a go-to place for practical guidelines, ecological values and the exchange of knowledge, supported by suggested actions, searchable resources, and inspiring case studies. At its heart is a pledge: a public act of commitment to a set of ecological principles. Ecostage acknowledges that there can be no environmental justice without social justice by advocating holistic sustainability encompassing Wellbeing, Nature Connection and Social Justice as interconnected values. A place for exchange, shared learning and mutual support.
Where? (Scotland, England & Wales).
Who? Ecoscenographers Andrea Carr, Mona Kastell, Paul Burgess, Ruth Stringer, and the volunteers team Hannah Myers and Laura Sedgwick.
Looking for collaboration? Yes. Calling for people to pledge to the principles and write case studies to share sustainable practices.
Contact details: [email protected]

COP26 Banner Project with Funkyard Arts

What? In the run up to COP26, I will be offering free plastic fusion workshops to children, young people and their families to create banners in protest of plastic pollution and other climate issues.
Where? Currently I am working in partnership with Woodlands Community and will run some workshops from Woodlands Workspace, but am open to working in other venues to accommodate different groups. The banners can then be displayed either as windows art or hung in public spaces on railings etc, and I would like to tie the project in with planned events where the banners can be displayed.
Who? In some ways everyone, but as my funding is for Youth Arts, I would like to work with families, children and young people, I’m hoping to get as many people involved as possible.
Looking for collaboration? Yes, looking for children, families and young people to bring their ideas for environmental slogans and artwork and to create their visions using plastic fusion, a heat based collage technique. Would like to hear from groups in particular who would be interested in the workshops and can travel to venues as long as they are within Glasgow.
Contact details: Samantha Macgregor, Funkyard Arts
Phone: 07854304749
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @funkyard_arts
Funding: The project is partly possible due to Youth Arts funding via Glasgow CAN, and Creative Scotland. If any publicity going out, if CAN could be referenced: Twitter & Instagram: @GlasConArtsNet
Facebook: @GlasgowConnectedArtsNetwork Twitter: #glasgowcan_youtharts

Feminist Exchanges for Climate Justice

What? A series of talks, workshops, performance and film at CCA Glasgow Intermedia gallery. Featuring practical workshops with Elaine Gallagher, performance by Raman Mundair, short films from the Feminist Exchange Network and Más Arte Más Acción (MAMA) a Colombian arts organisation with a special focus on environmental and social issues about the importance of raising awareness of the role indigenous people play in protecting the forests.
Where? Centre for Contemporary Arts.
When? 2-6 November 2021.
Who? Organised by Feminist Exchange Network, Glasgow.
Feminist Exchange Network explore ways of putting feminist economics into practice in our local community. We work collaboratively using art as a way to test out new types of currency, build community exchange networks and challenge the norms of capitalism. We ran The People’s Bank of Govanhill and Swap Market exchange space on Victoria Road in Govanhill and are continuing to work in the local area and beyond on projects that connect feminism with the need for a different type of economy, one that cares for people and the planet.
Looking for collaboration? Yes - arts producer paid job opportunity We are also looking for someone to film one of the discussions taking place - keen to make contact with anyone filming events around COP.
Contact: [email protected]