Our mission has been to gather together space in community-led venues to support civil society mobilising around COP26.

We have bookable meeting rooms, event spaces, artist studios/workshop space, and hotdesks. Some will be bookable in advance but we will also hold back hotdesks and meeting spaces to book the day before.

And, for those who cannot attend COP due to Covid or other reasons, exhibition space to display banners/art/other forms of expression.

Details of the venues available here
Principles for priority booking

We will use these to help us allocate priority booking so please ensure that you outline how your group fits into one or more of the categories below.

  • International groups, especially working on frontline issues
  • Groups that are connected to an international community
  • Less resourced and marginalised groups
  • Groups with a Climate Justice focus
  • Groups with experience of past COPs, inside (badged) or outside (non-badged)


Registration for events, hot desks and meeting rooms
Registration for studio/rehearsal space or exhibition space

You can also book direct with our ‘Spaces for Change’ community-venues in Glasgow

A note on uncertainty and Covid:

Due to the uncertainty of the situation for travel and Covid all bookings are subject to change and variation in numbers of people who can be accommodated. All people booking will need to agree to our Covid and safety guidelines and will carry out their own risk assessments.

Key dates:

We will open Priority Booking from 1 September for two weeks then bookings will be opened for all civil society groups.

All bookings are provisional until after 1st October when decisions will be taken depending on the Covid situation, on what form our activities will take in November.

Space will inevitably be limited but new community venues are coming on board all the time (if you have space to offer click here). 


Please note: some of the space is already set aside – for example space for the People’s Summit, events connected to the big Mobilisation and the Daily Movement Assemblies being organised by the COP26 Coalition.