Climate Fringe Festival Grants

Applications are now closed! If you have submitted an application you will hear back from us very soon.

We want to make sure the Climate Fringe Festival is accessible to the whole spectrum of the Scottish Climate Movement and that lack of funding isn’t a barrier.

Who can apply?

Climate Fringe Festival Grants are open to all groups in Scotland, formal and informal – as long as you are not-for-profit. We encourage applications from across the whole spectrum of the Scottish Climate Justice movement.

If you are not sure you can apply, feel free to reach out – we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Funding Priorities

What can we fund?

We offer grants of up to £500. If you need a larger grant please get in touch.

Grants can be used to fully or partially cover the event or activity costs.
This could include:

How to apply?

Step 1: Submit your application

Fill in our application form.

You don’t need to have your event completely planned at this stage, just some details of the proposed event, a provisional date during September 2022 and a general breakdown of how much you need and how you would use the funds.

Applications will be open from Friday 17th June until Monday 1st August.

Grants will be considered on a rolling basis, so getting your application in early is important.

If you need any help filling in the form or have any other questions about the application process please get in touch through [email protected] or call 07869291769

Step 2: Shortlisting

Applications will be evaluated against our funding priorities and approved on a rolling basis. Each week a maximum of 5 grants will be awarded.
Any application not shortlisted on a given week will be carried over to the next week with any new submissions.

We will be in touch within one week of your submission to let you know if you have been shortlisted or if your application will roll over to the following weeks.
All rolling applications will be contacted after the application deadline of Monday 1st of August.

We will be monitoring submissions to ensure diversity of events, organisers and locations.

Step 3: Successeful Applications

If you’ve been successeful in your application you will be asked to sign a basic agreement. This will state the terms under which the funds will be used and that the event must meet our moderation policy, including accessibility, health and safety, and safeguarding requirements.

We will find a time to chat about the event and see if there is any other support you might want.

Step 4: Add your event to the Climate Fringe Calendar

Organise and promote your event!

This includes adding your event on the Climate Fringe Platform, using the logo in your promotion materials, and #climatefringefestival on your social media.

We will also have Resources and Toolkits coming soon to help you organise and promote your event!

Step 5: Getting your funding

You will need to send us an invoice to receive your funds. We aim to transfer the funds within 2 weeks of getting the invoice.

If you need the money in advance get in touch through [email protected]


Any not-for-profit groups or organisation in Scotland that wants to organise an event around the Climate Fringe Festival can apply for this grant. We particularly encourage applications from groups that meet our funding priorities, but applications are open to anyone that needs funding to help them organise an event.

This includes:

  • Voluntary and community groups
  • Community Interest Companies
  • Community Benefit Societies
  • Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisations
  • Registered charities
  • Not-for-profit companies
  • Schools and religious groups (as long as your project involves the wider community and meets our event criteria)

No – this is aimed especially at groups who may find it hard to get funding from official sources and you do not need to be constituted, you just need a plan of what you want to spend it on and a budget.

This fund is not aimed at:

  • Individuals
  • Companies that pay profits to shareholders, directors or members
  • Large organisations with the funds and resources to organise their own events
  • Organisations or events based outside of Scotland

Please check Great Big Green Week if you are organising elsewhere in the UK.

We cannot fund:

  • Alcohol
  • Contingency costs, loans, endowments or interest 
  • Profit-making or fundraising activities 
  • VAT you can reclaim
  • Statutory activities
  • Events that take place outside of Scotland
  • Staff expenses (except if necessary for the running of the event itself)

Applications are for up to a maximum of £500 per project, however if your specific event needs more than that get in touch and we will give special consideration on a case-by-case basis.

No - as this grant is meant to pay for agreed expenses you don’t need a bank account to receive the money.


For example, if we have agreed to pay for the use of a community hall, or rental of some equipment, we will pay that invoice directly.

If you need the money in advance, please let us know and we will discuss this with you.