Climate Fringe TV

During COP26 in Glasgow this page will be the place to find the key live-streamed events: From the official UN proceedings, and events within the security cordon of COP26, to civil society-led activities all over the city, including the People’s Summit,  Climate Fringe will link you with what is going on.


Live from the Blue Zone

Official UNFCC Spaces

We’ll link any spaces accessible to non-badge holders here ….

 UNFCC Action Hub

Dynamic events-space for non-Party stakeholders

The Pavilions

These spaces include the WWF Pavilion, the Cryosphere Pavilion, the IPCC Pavilion, Peatland Pavilion, and the country Pavilions

The Resilience Hub

This is the home to the High Level Champion’s work. Register free to enter the virtual events platform  

Live from the People's Summit

From 7-10 November the People’s Summit for Climate Justice will be both digital and in-person. 

Movement assemblies each day 5-630pm – stream link will be added

Live from the Green Zone

The public side of COP, the Green Zone is open to visitors daily and will also have live streams on youtube and via Google Arts and Culture Showcase

Live from the Fringe

There are so many Fringe events happening across Glasgow, and many led by civil society. We will highlighting these in our events listings and here on the live streams. Many more will come online but here are some we know are happening.

Climate [email protected]

Open Mic Ceilidh Nights 730-9.30pm on 30 Oct, 1-5, 11 & 12 November

Tune in here for live music, stories, song and poetry from visitors to COP and local people.

Food and Climate Zone

A fortnight of talks, workshops and other activities – live stream linked here


COP in the Community

Since COVID means that fewer people will be able to travel to COP this year, we are encouraging communities who cannot travel to Glasgow to engage with COP through live-streaming events to their local venue, combining with locally-held talks and workshops.

We have a small fund to help communities in Scotland, unable to physically take part in civil society activities in Glasgow during COP due to distance,  covid or other accessibility issues, to set up their own COP in the Community events.