COP in the Community Event Fund

This fund is to help communities, unable to physically take part in civil society activities in Glasgow during COP due to distance,  covid or other accessibility issues, to set up their own COP events with a combination of live-streams from COP26 and local discussions and talks.

Our webpage ‘Climate Fringe TV‘ will give links to a selection of live streams from UNFCCC spaces, COP Pavilions and side events, as well as civil society events from the Climate Fringe. We will have a ‘What’s On’ guide so you can choose which events suit your Community COP the best, and a small funding pot to cover your costs.


COP26 is a globally-important event happening at a pivotal point in time.


We believe that this event, held behind barriers and security, is something that everyone  has a stake in and everyone has a right to take part in.


COP in the Community is our way of democratising COP.  By providing an easy way for people to access the best live-streams of events inside the security barrier, and at civil society-led events outside the official spaces, everyone can take part.


The live streams will be accompanied by curated events listings of the best content, tagged by subject matter so it is easy to find events that interest you.


Communities are invited to hold events with a combination of content from the live-streams from COP26 and their own discussions, talks and events related to their local community.


It's time to make COP26 our own.  


More info on how to take part here

This money is to support groups in Scotland who would like to hold a COP in the Community event.

It is especially aimed at communities who would find it hard, due to distance, covid, or other accessibility issues, to access the events in Glasgow during COP26.   Or who wish to get the word out in their community about COP, and feel. this would be a good way of  building interest for those that would be unlikely to access COP and Cliate Fringe events happening in Glasgow City Centre. 

The funding can be used for anything that supports the delivery of your 'COP in the Community' event. It could be the hire costs of a community hall,  costs for the speakers , materials for workshops, hire of projection facilities or PA. 

No – this is aimed especially at groups who may find it hard to get funding from official sources and you do not need to be constituted, you just need a plan of what you want to spend it on, a budget, and be able to report back on what you have done.

No – because this pot is set up that we pay agreed expenses you don’t need a bank account to receive the money.


For example, if we have agreed to pay for the use of a community hall, or a trainer, or rental of some equipment, we will pay that invoice directly.

We can cover between £100 and £350 of expenses towards an activity/event. 

We will be assessing applications on a first come first served basis due to the short time before COP. 

We want especially to encourage applications from :

  • groups who come from areas of Scotland remote from Glasgow and the central belt 
  • communities who will find it a challenge to access events in Glasgow due to other challenges  
  • groups who wish to engage their local communities in COP, who would be unlikely to get involved in events in Glasgow

  • You should send the agreed invoices to [email protected] for us to pay
  • We will send you the Climate Fringe logo to put on your publicity/information about the event
  • We will put information about your event on the Climate Fringe website and publicise on social media if appropriate – if it is for a very specific audience we will make that clear
  • After the event please send a short report (200-400 words) including number of participants and any particular highlights or feedback received


The funding for the Community activity and events fund has come from SCCS and The Ellerman Foundation.