COP in the Community

31 October – 12 November 2021

We believe that COP, held behind barriers and security, is something that everyone  has a stake in and everyone has a right to take part in.

COP in the Community is our way of democratising COP.  By providing an easy way for people to access the best live-streams of events inside the security barrier, and at civil society-led events outside the official spaces, everyone can take part.

Communities are invited to hold events with a combination of content from the live-streams from COP26 and their own discussions, talks and events related to their local community.

It’s time to make COP26 our own.  

Get Involved

1. Connect with Us 

We’d love to know that you are planning a COP in the Community event.

Let us know by emailing [email protected] so we can send you updates and connect you with other groups.

2. Plan your Event

Stream content from the official UNFCCC events and civil society spaces, and add in your own content with discussions, talks or workshops. Key events are the People’s Summit 7-10 November, and COP Blue Zone side events every day Monday-Saturday. And daily events summing up COP progress of the day at around 5 or 6pm.

3. Apply for our small event fund


If you need funding to support your event, we have a small fund available to help support COP in the Community Events.

This fund is to help communities, unable to physically take part in civil society activities in Glasgow during COP due to distance,  covid or other accessibility issues, to set up their own COP events.

4. Add your event to the calendar

Our simple event uploader will help you list all the relevant information in order to promote your event.

If you have any difficulties, please contact: [email protected]

5. Use the logo 

Brand any communications (posters, Zoom backgrounds, digital flyers, social media, etc) you have about your event with the Climate Fringe logo.


All planning is, of course, subject to change and we will be reviewing all plans in light of the current Covid situation.
We recognise that having in-person events can foster a real sense of community and have more of an impact, however we will be doing this only if it complies with government guidelines.
We will also be offering opportunities to engage with activities online.