The COP26 Civil Society Hubs

The COP26 Hubs will be a set of spaces for civil society to call its own during COP.

 There will be space to refresh, offering a warm welcome where international visitors can mingle with local activists. We will also provide spaces for mobilising with hot- desks, media hub, meeting rooms, and a creative space for artists to work.

We need to be as resilient as possible to changes in COVID requirements and so we are bringing together a number of distinct hubs for separate activities which will work equally well together and separately.

Our aim has been to keep everything as close together as possible and highly accessible from the venue of the official COP.  

map to show the locations of the COP26 Hubs

More detail will follow but at present our plans are below:

The Nerve Centre:  at the Kinning Park Complex

This space will have meeting rooms, hot desks, a small cafe and the media hub and will be open until 10pm for planning. Meeting space and hot desks will be bookable through our central system. The Kinning Park Complex is currently being refurbished and is a 15 minute walk from COP26. 

We will be based from the Kinning Park Complex for six weeks ahead of COP and it will be filled with local events during Climate Fringe Week as part of Glasgow gearing up for COP26.

An arcitectural drawing of the Kinning Park Complex inside

The COP26 Arts Hub: at the Carnival Arts Yard

This space will have bookable studio space for artivists of all kinds, we hope to have space for creating banners and sculptural creations as well as rehearsal space for performing arts. In the evening we plan for this to become a social space, COVID guidelines allowing.  


The Events Hub: at Adelaide’s

This space will host events to connect local and global civil society and will be one of the venues for the People’s Summit which will be organised by the COP26 Coalition.


Adelaides Venue

Bookable meeting Rooms, hot desks and event space

We are bringing together local community venues and faith halls to provide a network of rooms that will be bookable via our system by the hour, half-day or day. If you are local and know a space that could join our network there is more information here.

Other Spaces:

We have reserved the new Teaching and Learning Building at Strathclyde University for the Constituency strategy meetings on the middle Sunday of COP and we are also working to provide space for the Minga Indigena at the Hidden Gardens and a neighbouring church hall.  We will also be incorporating into the network other spaces that may be provided by others for the purpose of welcoming and providing for global civil society needs at COP.

How to Book

We will have a booking system to bring together all these spaces which will be open for booking from the end of August. If you want to stay in touch please join our mailing list and we will be in touch when bookings open. Depending on the space there could be a cost.


Photo Credit to Jaye Reynolds