Venues and Spaces for civil society at COP26

Since we lost our main organising hub for COP due to construction delays we have reorientated our work to concentrate on connecting those coming to COP with local community facilities.

We want civil society to have the facilities and the spaces that they need to be effective at COP. This page gives an overview of where these spaces are, what they offer and how to book. 

The civil society venues Green Map

This map shows all the spaces in our network – we are still looking for more venues to be part of the network supporting civil society at COP26? Get in touch with Isobel If you can help.

Click in the search box to filter map for the type of space you need

Climate Fringe @Adelaides

We will have a cafe, hotdesking and social space open 8am-5pm. Come and meet us!

We’ll hold nightly Open Mic Ceilidhs 730-10pm (not including 6-9 Nov) so bring your story, poem, music or song and join in!

This space will host daily Movement Assemblies 5-630pm and the People’s Summit 7th-10th November organised by COP26 Coalition

Hotdesk facilities

In addition to hot-desking at Adelaides, there is a network of local community cafes and other spaces in Glasgow who will welcome activists looking for space to meet informally. 

Find them on the map

Event and Meeting Space

Spaces for Change is our network of community-run and faith venues  supporting civil society activity during COP.  Use the map and spreadsheet to find a venue  and book direct with them.

Hubs for Civil Society

Communities across Glasgow have been preparing for COP26 in a spirit of welcome and hospitality and have created hubs that will be open for the two weeks of COP. Find them on the map and click the links to find out what is going on.   

Arts Hub at the Dream Machine

For those who cannot travel to COP due to covid, cost or visas we plan to provide space in shop fronts and other spaces for exhibitions, artwork and banners.

Shop Fronts and Exhibition Space

For those who cannot travel to COP due to covid, cost or visas we plan to provide space in shop fronts and other spaces for exhibitions, artwork and banners.

If you know of a local shopfront or exhibition space that would like to become part of our exhibitions programme, please get in touch with Lucy.

A note on Covid, COP and Coming to Glasgow

This year, more than ever, it is vital that we get our messages to decision makers at COP. With the constraints and risks that covid brings to our work, we have a responsibility to reduce the risks to people, while at the same time ensuring voices are heard


The COP26 Coalition and their partners have called for a Global Day of Action on November 6th, rather than a focus on all activity in Glasgow for this reason. They are organising a large march in Glasgow and London and local mobilisations throughout the country. More info here

For anyone coming to Glasgow, please ensure that you have accommodation confirmed – covid makes last-minute planning difficult.  We are setting up a network of Homestay hosts to accommodate activists and campaigners (subject to covid guidelines) but this might be limited and so please only travel if you have accommodation.

Due to the uncertainty of the covid situation all venue bookings are subject to change and variation in numbers of people who can be accommodated in the spaces. All people booking will need to agree to our covid and safety guidelines and will carry out their own risk assessments.