SCCS/COP26 Coalition Events COVID-19 Guide

We are aware of the risk that events pose to transmission of Covid and we are determined to do all we can to ensure that people do not contract Covid at our own events.

For this reason SCCS and COP26 Coalition have developed a joint Covid approach for our events. and one of the key pillars is daily lateral flow testing and a central registration point for our events. 

  • Please do a lateral flow and upload results to NHS website or Zoe app
  • Go to the central registration point at 252 Sauchiehall  Street to show the email/text and collect a wrist band to access all events and sites run by SCCS and COP26 Coalition (for outlying sites register at the venue)
  • You can collect Lateral Flow Test Kits for free from any pharmacy (see a map) or the Lateral Flow Registration Site at 252 Sauchiehall street.

Attending events will need a bit more effort, but we hope it gives the greatest protection to those attending, volunteering and working at the events and locations. 

Prevention During COP26

  • Daily Home Testing and Registration: all attendees will be required to do their own Lateral Flow Test at home each day before attending any event. You must register your test online on the NHS website or on the Zoe app. and present confirmation (text/email) at one of our Registration Sites to receive a wristband for that day. This wristband will enable access to any of our indoor events, for example the People’s Summit and Civil Society Hubs.

    Events at GalGael, Deepend and Dream Machine will allow Lateral Flow Test Registration on the door.

  • Testing for outdoor events: All attendees should do their own Lateral Flow Test at home before attending any outdoor event such as the March and Rally, however you will not require a wristband to attend so registration is not necessary for our outdoor events.
  • Venue check in: you will be required to provide contact details (using the Check in Scotland app or manually) when entering any of our indoor venues.
  • Contacting Tracing: We advise you should download and use the Protect Scotland contact tracing app at all times during COP26.

  • Masks: Unless you are exempt, face masks are mandatory at all activities – inside and outside. If you don’t wear a mask we might ask you why: we know this is an imposition, but we do want to limit risks as much as possible. We strongly recommend the use of FFP2-grade masks to protect yourself and others around you. 
  • Physical distancing: A minimum distance of 1 meters between people applies at all of our events, inside and outside except within households or accommodation bubbles. 
  • COP26 Homestay Network: Read our COVID-19 Guidance for Guests and Hosts online.

Lateral Flow Test Registration Sites

Main Site & LFT Distribution Point

252 Sauchiehall Street
View on google maps

Opening hours: 8:30am – 8:30pm

Secondary Site (People’s Summit only 7th – 10th)
Location tbc (near Charing cross)

Opening hours: 8:30am – 5:00pm


Registering your Lateral Flow Home Test

  1. You must take a Lateral Flow Test at home each day before you attend any event. You can collect Lateral Flow Home Testing Kits for free from local pharmacies, online or from our LFT Registration Sites.


  2. For all indoor events, you must register your negative result on the NHS website. You can also use the Zoe app to register your test.


  3. Bring confirmation to a LFT Registration Site – this could be the confirmation email or text, or a screenshot of the confirmation page.


  4. *If you are unable to confirm through the NHS site, please take a picture of yourself and the negative test with a timestamp.


  5. You will receive a wristband that is your pass for that day’s events.

If you get covid


  • You should always follow Scottish Government guidelines on testing and isolation: NHS Inform
  • If a person develops symptoms of coronavirus or receives a positive Lateral Flow Test result, they should self-isolate immediately and book a free PCR test as soon as possible. If the PCR test result is negative, the person can leave self-isolation. 
  • If the PCR result is positive, Test and Protect will contact the person and ask them to fill out the secure digital contact tracing form and use this to provide details of anyone they have been in close contact with.
  • If a person is identified as a close contact by NHS Test and Protect they will need to self-isolate immediately and book a PCR test.
  • Close contacts who are fully vaccinated, return a negative PCR test, and remain asymptomatic can end self-isolation. Fully vaccinated means you have received both doses of your vaccine and at least 14 days have passed since your last dose.

Self Isolation

  • If you are visiting Glasgow and are unable to safely get home to isolate, you should isolate where you are staying.


  • You should follow Scottish Government guidelines on testing and isolation: NHS Inform


  • If you are hosting or staying with someone in the Homestay Network, all members of the household will need to take a PCR and isolate until the result comes through – following Scottish Government guidelines.


  • For isolation support, advice or in case you are unable to isolate where you are staying contact the National Assistance Helpline on 0800 111 4000
  • If you are staying in the COP26 homestay network and get Covid we have a daily payment to hosts that we can make to help them with the costs and inconvenience. Information is in one of the FAQs on the  Homestay website
  • In an emergency, if you are unable to isolate where you are staying, contact the National Assistance Helpline on 0800 111 4000

If you, or any of your household members are shielding or are at higher risk from COVID-19, please do not join the Homestay Network. Instead, there are many ways to engage with online activities at COP26. Check out and

Useful Links

  • NHS Inform tool on who needs to self-isolate:

When and how long to self-isolate due to coronavirus | NHS inform

  • NHS Inform general advice on Covid-19: 

Coronavirus (COVID-19): General advice | NHS inform


  • Travelling from abroad:


  • If you need urgent medical care now then call 111. 
  • For life- or limb- threatening emergencies dial 999 or go straight to A&E

Key Messages

Key Messaging Graphics (facebook/Instagram, twitter, poster)

  • Testing – Do a Lateral Flow Test at home each day before attending any event and register it with the NHS online.
  • Registration – for indoor events, please bring confirmation to our LFT Registration Sites and get a wristband.
  • Global day of action – at-home testing is required, however registration is not
  • Masks – unless exempt, masks are mandatory indoors and outdoors.
  • 1 metre – distancing applies at all events, indoor and outdoor. 
  • Test and Protect – contact details will be required when entering indoor venues, in writing or through the ‘Check In Scotland’ app.
  • Download ‘Protect Scotland’ contact tracing app.
  • Symptoms? Test and Isolate:
  • Find out more at

Social Media Posts

COVID Social Media Copy

Public Guidance

Full guide:

Text version: COVID-19 Guidance for SCCS and COP26 Coalition Events at COP26


Volunteer guide:
Homestay guide:


Translations [Fr,ES,PT]


COVID-19 Directives pour les évènements des coalitions SCCS et COP26 lors de la COP26

Directrices relativas a la COVID-19 para los eventos de la SCCS y la COP26 Coalition


Orientações sobre a COVID-19 para o SCCS e para os eventos da Coligação COP26 durante a COP26 

Messages Clés

Key Messaging Graphics (FB / Instagram / Poster)

  • Se Tester – Faites un Test par Flux Latéral (TFL) chez vous la veille de tout événement auquel vous assisterez et enregistrez votre résultat via le site internet du NHS.
  • Accéder aux événements – Apportez une preuve de votre résultat TFL négatif à l’entrée du bâtiment afin d’obtenir votre bracelet pour tout événement en intérieur.
  • Journée internationale de l’action – La présentation d’un TFL négatif est obligatoire, mais il n’est pas nécessaire de vous inscrire.
  • Masques – Le port du masque est obligatoire en intérieur et en extérieur, à moins que vous en soyez exempt.
  • Se Tester c’est Protéger – Vos informations personnelles vous seront demandées, soit par écrit, soit via l’application “Check in Scotland” lorsque vous assisterez à des rassemblements en intérieur.
  • Téléchargez l’application “Protect Scotland” qui vous alertera en cas d’exposition à une personne infectée.
  • Des Symptômes ? Testez-vous et Isolez-vous :
  • Pour plus d’informations, consultez le site

Mensajes claves

Key Messaging Graphics (FB / Instagram / Poster)

  • Testeo Todos los días, antes de asistir a un evento, realice un testeo rápido en su casa y regístrelo online en la página del Servicio Nacional de Salud  (NHS).
  • Registro – por favor acercar la confirmación a nuestros Sitios de Registro de Testeo Rápido y obtenga su pulsera para los eventos de interior.
  •  Día mundial de acción – se requiere la realización de un test en el hogar, pero no es necesario su registro.
  •  Máscaras – las máscaras son obligatorias tanto en los eventos de interior como exterior, a menos que estén exentos.
  • Un metro – el distanciamiento se aplica a todos los eventos, ya sean de interior o exterior.
  • Testeo y Protección – los detalles de contacto serán solicitados cuando se ingrese al interior del lugar, por escrito o a través de la app “Check in Scotland”.
  • Descargar la app de rastreo “Protect Scotland”.
  • Síntomas? Testeo y Aislamiento:
  •  Encuentre más en


Key Messaging Graphics (FB / Instagram / Poster)


  • Teste – Todos os dias, antes de comparecer em qualquer evento, faça um Teste Rápido em casa e comunique-o na página de informação da internet do Serviço Nacional de Saúde- NHS.
  • Registo – para eventos internos, por favor, trazer a confirmação até ao nosso local de Registos de TR para obter a sua pulseira.
  • Dia de ação global – é exigida a realização e comunicação do teste em casa. Contudo, a exigência e obrigatoriedade de seu registro, não o é.
  • Máscaras – a não ser que sejam dispensadas, as máscaras são obrigatórias no interior e no exterior do evento.
  • 1 metro – o distanciamento aplica-se a todos os eventos, internos e externos.
  • Faça o teste e Proteja-se – à entrada dos participantes no interior do recinto, ser-lhe-ão exigidos os dados de contato por escrito ou através da aplicação “Check In Scotland”.
  • Descarregue – a aplicação de rastreio de contatos “Protect Scotland”.
  • Tem sintomas? Faça o teste e isole-se:
  • Maiores informaçõs encontrará em:

A note on Covid, COP and Coming to Glasgow

This year, more than ever, it is vital that we get our messages to decision makers at COP. With the constraints and risks that covid brings to our work, we have a responsibility to minimise the risks to people, while at the same time ensuring voices are heard.

We have tried to make plans that are as robust and resilient as possible to change while prioritising public health –  for example by shifting from one large central COP Hub to many smaller ones, and setting up the COP26 Homestay Network so campaigners are accommodated in individuals’ homes rather than in large communal sleeping spaces in community halls. All are plans are subject to change if the covid situation demands.

For anyone coming to Glasgow, please ensure that you have accommodation confirmed – covid makes last-minute planning difficult.  We have set up the COP26 Homestay Network to accommodate activists and campaigners in affordable accommodation, but this is limited by the number of hosts who sign up, so please only travel if you have accommodation.