Become part of Climate Fringe

We invite groups across civil society who are planning events to become part of the Climate Fringe. 

Our logo is designed to sit comfortably alongside your own branding.  Simply download the logo and use on your promotional materials.  

When you are done, please upload your event to the Climate Fringe events calendar so we can promote it!


There is no need to use the Climate Fringe logo for your event to be listed on the website – it is an additional  way to bring together civil society activities ahead of COP.

Examples of how to use the logo

example event poster
This example is an event organised by Stop Climate Chaos Scotland and the logo black on transparent has been added in the bottom right hand corner. they have used the white on black logo as the photo is dark so it shows up best.
example of use of the climate fringe logo on publicity
In this example the background image is light so the black on transparent logo has been used.
example poster with use of climate fringe logo
This example shows the logo sitting alongside many other organisational logos