Event Support Fund

The event fund is now closed.

To see the awardees of the first round of the funding, head to our blog.


This money is to support all organisations in Scotland, especially smaller or grassroots organisations for connecting with new audiences.


We are particularly interested in applications from the following but we are encouraging anyone who needs some funding to help them create an event for Climate Fringe Week to apply: 

  • Groups and communities in Glasgow aiming at engaging local people  
  • Events that link Climate with other campaigns such as disability rights, land rights/language, poverty and social justice, the nature crisis, racial justice, LGBTQ+  
  • Groups in outlying areas of Scotland, where they will have less access to take part in COP-related activities in Glasgow
  • Groups who haven’t done anything on climate before and are interested in starting out (e.g. community groups, parent-teacher associations, craft groups, faith groups, housing associations, etc.)

We anticipate it being used for activities that spread awareness, build capacity, help people to take action, and that contribute to building and growing the movement of climate activists (in the widest possible sense of that word). Our focus is on creating an inspiring and accessible range of events during Climate Fringe Week 18-26 September.

No – this is aimed especially at groups who may find it hard to get funding from official sources and you do not need to be constituted, you just need a plan of what you want to spend it on, a budget, and be able to report back on what you have done.

No – because this pot is set up that we pay agreed expenses you don’t need a bank account to receive the money.


For example, if we have agreed to pay for the use of a community hall, or a trainer, or rental of some equipment, we will pay that invoice directly.

Climate Fringe Week is a platform for sharing events, actions, activities, training courses, exhibitions and anything else that is going on in the climate movement in the run up to COP. We would be really interested to hear from groups that want to communicate with and involve their communities in the issue of climate and COP in ways that work for them. This doesn’t have to be a traditional event – we would love to help creative ideas happen too, for example creating an artwork, resource, exhibition or training course.  

We can cover between £100 and £500 of expenses towards an activity/event. We anticipate funding between 25-50 events for Climate Fringe Week.

We will look at the following criteria:

  • Is the money going to support a community level/grassroots group? We will prioritise smaller groups who find it hard to access other sources of funding
  • Would being part of the Climate Fringe benefit your work and help magnify the effectiveness of your plans?
  • Value for money

  • You should send the agreed invoices to [email protected] for us to pay
  • We will send you the Climate Fringe logo to put on your publicity/information about the event
  • We will put information about your event on the Climate Fringe website and publicise on social media if appropriate – if it is for a very specific audience we will make that clear
  • After the event please send a short report (200-400 words) including number of participants and any particular highlights or feedback received


The funding for the Community activity and events fund has come from SCCS, The Ellerman Foundation and Arkbound  Foundation.