Community event and activity support fund


Over the year ahead of COP our vision for the Climate Fringe is to bring together events, actions, activities, training courses, exhibitions, and more, from civil society happening across Scotland. These activities are coming from across the whole breadth of the climate movement from small community groups to big established organisations, faith communities to youth organisations and are bringing in climate action, climate justice, nature, system change and bringing together multiple crises. 

The aim of this small fund is to get more people involved, across wider audiences and to channel the energies and desire for people to connect with the international Climate Talks into local awareness and action.  One of the things that we want to do is to expand from the ‘usual suspects’ delivering events and engagement and encourage events in diverse communities (socio-economically, ethnically and geographically).

At present, events/activities on the Climate Fringe are only online, but this fund will support both online activity, and activity in person, if and when that can happen.  We also want to encourage creative ways of engagement and collaboration that are outwith the usual type of event – just please give free rein to your imagination!      

The Fund:

We are inviting applications from grassroots and community groups in Scotland who wish to create an event/activity for the Climate Fringe. At this stage, for the first round we are limiting to groups in Glasgow, as host of COP, and outlying communities in the Highlands. There is more information about applying below. We hope that this funding has a low bar to access for informal and grassroots groups so if you need any help in applying please fill in the application as far as you can and note on the application that you would like some help.

The closing date for the first round is 4 March 2021 More information below

The funding for the Community activity and events fund comes from SCCS and Oxfam Scotland      

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More Information and How to Apply:

Who is  the fund aimed at?

This money is to support community groups and smaller grassroots organisations in Glasgow and in outlying communties in the Highlands, especially connecting with new audiences. We anticipate it being used for activities that spread awareness, build capacity, help people to take action, and that contribute to building and growing the movement of climate activists (in the widest possible sense of that word). Our focus is on spreading the word in Glasgow, to engage new audiences in advance of COP coming to the city, and to those in outlying areas of Scotland.

We have three particular focus areas for the funding: 

  • Groups and communities in Glasgow’s more deprived areas, or serving those areas
  • BAME communities in Glasgow, or those working to connect with them
  • Groups in outlying areas of Scotland, where they will have less access to take part in COP-related activities in Glasgow.  

Does the group need to be officially constituted to apply to this money? 

No – this is aimed especially at groups who may find it hard to get funding from official sources and you do not need to be constituted, you just need a plan of what you want to spend it on, a budget, and be able to report back on what you have done.

Does the group need a bank account to apply for this money?

No – Because this pot is set up that we pay agreed expenses you don’t need a bank account to receive the money. For example, if we have agreed to pay for the use of a community hall, or a trainer, or rental of some equipment, we will pay that invoice directly.

What can we use the money for? 

The climate fringe is a platform for sharing events, actions, activities, training courses, exhibitions and anything else that is going on in the climate movement in the run up to COP. We would be really interested to hear from groups that want to communicate with and involve their communities in the issue of climate and COP in ways that work for them, these don’t have to be a traditional event – we would love to help creative ideas happen too, for example creating an artwork together, or a resource, holding an exhibition or a training course. 

How much can we apply for?

We can cover between £100 and £400 of expenses towards an activity/event. At present we have a small fund of £3,000 to put towards these activities but we are seeking more money to increase the pot.

How will you select proposals to fund?

We will look at the following criteria

  • Does the project reach new audiences not previously involved in climate activism for example linking in with a group usually active on other issues such as local community activity/disability/poverty/refugees/  ?
  • Does the project reach the priority audiences for the project?
  • Would being part of the climate fringe benefit your work and help magnify the effectiveness of your plans?
  • Value for money

What if we get the funding?

  • You should send the agreed invoices to for us to pay.
  • We will send you the climate fringe logo to put on your publicity/information about the event.
  • We will put information about your event on the Climate Fringe website and publicise on social media if appropriate – if it is for a very specific audience we will make that clear.  
  • After the event please send a short report (200-400 words) including number of participants and any particular highlights or feedback received.


How do we apply?

Please answer some questions about your event/activity by clicking the button below– the questions are also detailed underneath.

Please get us your application by 28 February 2021




Questions from the Application Form

Name of your group/organisation

Contact details – email, phone, address, website if applicable

Summary of the event/activity you plan to do

What do you hope this will achieve linked to climate and/or COP?

What costs do you need help with from the SCCS funding?

Do you have exact quotes for the costs – if so add them here

How would your activity benefit from connection with the climate fringe – eg inclusion in our events programme (e.g. to publicise what you are doing, to highlight your organisation as a blog or on a podcast, to use the website to disseminate what you are doing.)

Does your work link to any of our priority areas/audiences?