Literature Project - Climate change and the future

Literature Project - Climate change and the futureGlasgowYear Around Event (2020) OrganiserArkbound Foundation

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The Arkbound Foundation is a charity interested in widening
access to publishing and literature, covering important social and
environmental themes from voices who would otherwise go unheard.


We are really interested in collaborating with other organisations to raise awareness of important
issues around climate change
. In particular, we want to ensure that those
who have experienced the impacts of climate change or who are facing heightened
disadvantage – indigenous communities, those living in areas prone to extreme
weather and those without access to resources – can convey their accounts.


It is also important that a scientific approach be taken. With
carbon emissions continuing to increase and the likelihood of severe feedback
mechanisms raising global temperatures well above 2 degrees centigrade, the
world must prepare for the future and for that reason we also want to support work that focuses on adaptation to climate
. A move towards a different economic model; self-sufficient
communities; localised food production and full reliance on renewable energy – the
knowledge around these things should be made available as widely as possible.


If you are / work with:

Indigenous communities

People who have experienced the impacts of
climate change

People who live in high risk areas

People with experience of living ‘off grid’, or
with knowledge of self-sufficient communities

  • A writer from a disadvantaged background with an inspirational account, covering an important social or environmental theme


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