One Ocean - arts, science and data for COP26

One Ocean - arts, science and data for COP26developing collaborations between arts and science on climate and our one ocean OrganiserCreative InformaticsYear Around Event (2020)

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This is an ongoing project in development – the first workshop, which came out of discussions at the April Arts4COP event, was hosted by Creative Informatics at Edinburgh Napier University on 28 May, in collaboration with Marine Scotland. The aim was to discuss ways in which culture could play a role in COP26 by exploring the scientific data on the theme of One Ocean, and the Climate – Ocean biodiversity nexus. It brought together a diverse and international group of around 45 artists, scientists and data specialists.


We are currently exploring ways in which we can support further explorations of marine science data through some further workshops and considering how we might frame this in the bigger context of the role of culture at COP26.

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The notes from the meeting are available here:



Year Around Event (2020)


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