23may(may 23)2:00 pm29(may 29)5:30 pmReworldingThis is not a call to get involved in politics. This is a call to help create a new politics.2:00 pm - 5:30 pm (29) OrganiserHeartpoliticsEvent TypeWebinar & Talks

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Can we co-create a new collective decision making processes for a better world?

About this event

How can we develop new decision making processes – and connect with enduring ones – to create a decolonised, just, empathic and regenerating world together?


This is not a call to get involved in politics. This is a call to help create a new way of doing politics.


In the current world system, trauma has driven the way power is held, creating the violence, inequality and environmental disasters unfolding in the world today.


Reworlding will bring together people who have been or are :

– working with their own and others’ trauma

– working with decision making systems that could enable a better world

– resisting domination to protect and enable a better world

– deeply interested in any of the above


This week-long event is a space to explore the streams of change that are already happening, and to imagine and work towards a politics of wholeness, where we can include and deepen our awareness of what colonises and what liberates us and our world.


We invite you to come as free as possible of set ideas: about who we are, about who others are and about how change happens, to be willing to listen and to sit with not knowing, and to surprise ourselves by listening and speaking in the moment, from the heart.


We are thinking of this week like a valley, with a RIVER running through its core and STREAMS flowing into it as we move towards its delta at the end of the week.


THE STREAMS: drop in sessions throughout the week…

The Streams are experiential workshops, live discussions, guided deep inquiries that flow into each day of the River. Every day, three Streams contribute to the River:

– one the previous “evening”, 5 – 6.30pm, UK time (check your local time here)

– one “early morning”, 9 – 10:30am, UK time (check your local time here)

– and one “around midday”, 11:30am – 1pm, UK time (check your local time here).



23 (Sunday) 2:00 pm - 29 (Saturday) 5:30 pm