With COP coming to Glasgow it is a really exciting time to get involved with climate campaigning and activities around COP26.  If you are looking for ways to get involved here are some key ways you can help.  News and updates will be broadcast in our newsletter.

How to get involved in COP26

1. Take Part in an Event

There are hundreds of events happening between now and COP26 and we are bringing them together on the Climate Fringe website. Have a browse, and get involved.  If you, or a group you are in, wish to organise an event you are welcome to become part of the Climate Fringe – upload your event and download a logo.

2. Become Part of Climate Fringe Week

Each year at the end of September international leaders from business, government and civil society meet in New York for talks ahead of COP. This is a vital time to influence decision making, and the Climate Fringe will be encouraging organisations across Scotland to run activities, events and actions during the week of 18-26 September.  This also coincides with Great Big Green Week in England and Wales.  

3. Host an Activist in your home.

At any COP climate conference, affordable accommodation in the city is scarce and very expensive. This is a huge obstacle for groups with less resources, for example those from Global South countries and young people.

The COP26 Homestay Network is a platform where those with a spare room or a sofa-bed within a commute of Glasgow can offer a place to stay for climate campaigners during COP.  It’s an amazing opportunity to have  direct link to COP while giving a genuine Scottish welcome to visitors.

4. Contribute to the COP26 Glasgow Green Map

We are bringing together an open-source online map of community resources and sustainable and locally run businesses. We want to help COP delegates and activists find local, independent and sustainable places to eat, shops and visit that bring value into local communities and give a warm welcome to our city.  


5. Involve your local community hall or faith space

SCCS and UK COP26 Coalition are creating a network of local venues  close to Glasgow that can support global civil society needs during COP and connect their communities to what is happening at COP.  If you are involved with a community hall, place of worship, non-profit co-working space, or even if you just have a spare meeting room, we want to connect you in to the network. 

6. Volunteer in the Civil Society Spaces during COP26

SCCS and our partners are creating a linked set of Hubs for wider and global civil society during COP26 including space for organising, events, meetings and for artists and artivists.  We will be seeking volunteers to support this work so join our mailing list and we will keep you informed.

7. Bring COP26 to Your Community

We will be live streaming all sorts of content live from COP26 onto the Climate Fringe website and we are inviting communities to create mini COP events in their local venue to mix international events live, with discussing the things that matter to you.

8.  Help with Civil Society Organising for COP26

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland are working in partnership with the UK COP26 Coalition to bring together facilities and support for global civil society during COP26. This is being done through various working groups . If you have time and energy to contribute we would love to hear from you,

and finally ….

The Climate Fringe is powered by Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, a coalition of over 60 civil society organisations campaigning together on climate issues for more than a decade. Our members are community groups, NGOs and charities, faith groups, student groups and trade unions and we welcome new members.  If your civil society organisation is interested in joining us you can see our campaign priorities for COP26 here and find out more about SCCS here.

This webpage from Creative Carbon Scotland gives a great overview of COP26 and the best ways of preparing and making plans.