Spaces for Change - Glasgow Community Venues for COP26

People from all over the world will come to fight for climate justice this November and we want them to feel the distinctiveness of our city, Glaschu, the ‘Dear Green Place’ and the warmth of a Scottish welcome. 

Spaces for Change is a network of community-run venues that have opened their spaces up for hire during COP26.  Civil society organisations looking for meeting rooms, exhibition space, workspace and event space can contact these venues directly to book.

Spaces for Change venues 

You can use the map below to locate SCCS Civil Society Hubs, Spaces for Change, volunteer sites, social spaces, food hubs and official COP26 venues. 

To book a Spaces for Change venue, you ca use the map below or find all the details on this spreadsheet


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Do you have a space to offer?

If you manage a venue within an hour travel of Glasgow including community spaces and halls, places of worship, non-profit co-working spaces, local authority venues – even if you just have a meeting room that can be booked by externals – we want to connect you in to this network. 

Fill out the form below and someone will be in touch to talk through it with you. 

Do you have a shop window or exhibition space?

We’re anticipating that several groups will be unable to physically travel to Glasgow this year due to Covid restrictions. 

However, it’s incredibly important that their voices are brought to the summit and we are looking for spaces in and around Glasgow that could display their work – this could be a shop window, shopping centre or exhibition space. Could you help? 

Are you looking to hire a space?

If you are part of a civil society organisation looking for a space to hire during COP, please see the map above to locate SCCS Civil Society Hubs or Spaces for Change. 

If you would like to book a Spaces for Change venue, just get in touch with the relevant contact directly. You can find contact details on the map above or on this spreadsheet

Please note for SCCS Civil Society Hubs: we have a priority booking system in place, you can read about it here. If you would like to register, please do so below