Spaces for Change - Glasgow Community Venues & COP26

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Next November, if all goes well, COP26 will come to Glasgow. People from all over the world will come to fight for climate justice, and we want them to feel the distinctiveness of our city of, Glaschu, the ‘Dear Green Place’ and the warmth of a Scottish welcome. 

To make sure that the widest possible section of local communities can get involved in this event, and that we can provide spaces for civil society organisations from all round the world who will be coming to COP we are creating a network of local venues.

If you manage a venue within an hour travel of Glasgow including community spaces and halls, places of worship, non-profit co-working spaces, local authority venues even if you just have a meeting room that can be booked by externals, we want to connect you in to this network. 

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Meeting for venues - catch-up video

We held an open gathering for venues, community spaces, places of worship, non-profits and local authorities managing venues on 18th Nov 2020.  A recording of the content is available below – the speakers covered what to expect of COP and the opportunities for local venues to be involved.  

More info on our first meeting which took place 18 Nov 2020


  • Laura Zarta Banrep  – Arts and climate organizer. Current Chief Curator of the Arts Unit and Other Collections of the Banco de la Republica in Colombia.
  • Flick Monk – COP26 Logistics Coordinator, Friends of The Earth Scotland
  • Ben Margolis – COP 26 Co-Director, The Climate Coalition
  • Duncan Booker – COP26 Stakeholder Manager, Glasgow City Council
  • Jade Gallagher – Event Operations Manager, Glasgow City Council
  • Nick Cullen – Logistics Coordinator, SCCS / COP26 Coalition

More info 

The speakers took us through what we can expect when the UN conference comes to Glasgow: sharing experiences from previous COPs.

Who is it for:  This meeting was for people who manage venues including community spaces and halls, places of worship, non-profit co-working spaces, local authority venue managers and even for organisations which have a meeting room that can be booked by externals.  We would also like to welcome any venues big or small that want more information about COP and to link to others who are involved.

It’s not just for Glasgow: we anticipate that civil society groups from all over the world will need space for meeting, holding events, floor space for sleeping, and, with the excellent public transport links across the central belt, spaces as far away as Falkirk, Ayr and Edinburgh are all within reach.

If you are interested in hosting events and activities during COP26, or just want to find out more please sign up!if all goes well

We’d love to learn more about you and how you want to be involved – fill in our Venues survey below.