Climate Fringe Podcasts

Episode 5: Why have young people been so effective in communicating the urgency of the climate crisis?

Why have young people been so effective in communicating the urgency of the climate crisis? And what is it that motivates these activists? Tami Pein of SCCS speaks to Scottish Youth Climate Striker, Dylan Hamilton, Catrina Randall of Youth FoES, and Seonaid Knox of Scottish Prophetic Activists

Episode 4: Riders On The Storm: Alastair McIntosh Book Launch

Listen back to the Book Launch to celebrate the publication of Riders on the Storm: The Climate Crisis and the Survival of Being by Alastair McIntosh.

Alastair will be in conversation with Professor Alison Phipps, holder of the UNESCO Chair in Refugee Integration at Glasgow University.

The launch is hosted in partnership with the Centre for Human Ecology. 

Episode 3: Art and Climate

Kat Jones of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, talks to Artist and Activist Fadzai Mwkutuya and Academic and Artist Inge Paneels about Artivism, their own experiences of art and climate campaigning, and why art and culture need to be central to COP26.  Fadzai is the founder of, a collaborate network for artists who explore the issues of climate change through art. 

Episode 2: Food for Good Coalition

Tami talks to Food for Good Edinburgh about their work ensuring no-one is isolated from good food during the covid-19 crisis and the connections between food, community, resilience in a crisis and climate justice.

On the podcast you’ll hear from Kirtsy Haigh,  Johnny Briggs and Simon Kenton-Lake. With a special shout out to SCCS’s Nick Cullen who is a key coordinator in the Coalition.

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Episode 1: ÙNA Festival

Climate Fringe Stories ÚNA Festival – Uniting Scotland and South America through arts, film, music and storytelling

For our first episode of the Climate Fringe Stories Tami is in conversation with ÚNA festival organisers, Isabella Noero and Cameron Mackay. The episode delves into their motivations to put on ÚNA TraDigital Festival 2020. Touching on the power of storytelling, myth and education within climate arts. 

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