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Regular podcast hosts Manish Joshi, Tami Pein and Kat Jones chat with guests on a whole range of topics around COP26 & Climate. Catch up on previous episodes below!

Latest – Road to Glasgow COP26 | Clyde Built Radio

Sophie Shnapp speaks with Kat Jones the COP26 Project Manager for Stop Climate Chaos Scotland on what civil society needs to bring with them on the Road To COP26. 

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Episode Archive

Taking Climate Action: The Role of Social Enterprise

Climate Fringe Stories hosts Tami and Manish speak with Izzie Eriksen, the founder of a sustainable fashion Social Enterprise, ApparelXChange and Ian Mitchell, the CEO of Scotland’s largest Social Enterprise support organisation CEIS. 

They discuss the unique position Social Enterprises are in to tackle the climate emergency. 

IWD Special: Eco Feminism and Intersectional Environmentalism

Tami Pein speaks with Zarina Ahmad and Ester Eriksson about what it means to be an Eco Feminist. They discuss how an Intersectional approach to environmentalism can elevate those with marginalised race and gender identities in order to promote climate justice. 

Zarina has over 10 years of experience working as a Climate Change and Environment Officer at the Council for Ethnic Minority Voluntary Organisation, Scotland. Ester is part of the Edinburgh Napier University Feminist Society who have been proactive in organising discussions on Eco Feminism from theory to practice. 

Indigenous Leaders at COP26
100 Indigenous leaders are preparing to come to Glasgow in November for COP26. Climate Fringe’s Kat Jones chats to Calfìn Lafchenke of the Mapuche people of Patagonia about his plans for gathering elders and leaders from across the world, keeping a flame burning throughout COP and why he thinks that scientists and artists are the shamans of the western world. Calfín discusses the work of the Minga Indigena of joining together science, arts and culture and indigenous knowledge to communicate to world leaders and people across the world at COP26 and how he is looking forward to meeting our own elders and tradition bearers when he comes to Scotland.
Calfín comes from the southernmost tip of Patagonia and was one of the organisers of the Minga Indigena, the gathering of Indigenous leaders that came to COP25 in Madrid. We are also joined by Isabella Noero, director of UNÁ Festival, who is Colombian and based in Glasgow who translates the conversation with Calfín and explain some of the work she is doing with Calfín to link artists with the work of the Minga Indigena.  
Resilience, Wellbeing and Hope in a Climate Crisis
In this latest episode of the Climate Fringe podcast we discuss the issues of keeping going, nurturing resilience and wellbeing and somehow remaining effective people in a climate crisis. Tami, Kat and Manish invite Eva Schonfeld, a climate activist, process designer and facilitator, who has been involved in activism for two decades. 
Eva coordinated Transition Support Scotland, the Fife Diet and ran conferences for the Scottish Greens. Eva is a co-founder of Starter Culture, Heartpolitics and Grassroots to Global, co-convened the Conflict Transformation summit for Transition Network and supports sociocratic system development, decision-making and facilitation in many contexts. She is also a co author of Politics, Trauma and Empathy – which she recommends we should read ‘even though it’s very long :)’ 
Christmas Special - Talking Turkey on Climate
For our Climate Fringe Christmas Special, regular hosts Kat and Manish invite their respective siblings, Julia Jones and Raj Joshi (who also happen to work on climate and conservation) around the virtual Christmas dinner table to talk Climate, COP and cheesy cracker jokes.
Faith and Climate

In this episode we explore what faith communities bring to climate campaigning and action. With discussions ranging across Sikh, Muslim, Baháʼí, Christian and Jewish faith perspectives, this podcast explores commonalities, shared perspectives and the motivations of our contributors. Tami, Kat and Manish invite Ravinder Nijjar chair of UK women of Faith Network, Linsay Taylor of Muslim Engagement and Development and chair of Interfaith Scotland, and Maureen Seir, three women from three different faith traditions to the virtual studio. 

Uncertainty of COP and lessons from Chile

This Climate Fringe Stories podcast explores what uncertainty means for COP and civil society and the lessons we can learn from Chile. Tami and Kat from SCCS chat with Manish Joshi, a seasoned COP attendee and Civil Society organiser on their experiences of COP over the last decade. We then meet with Paula Tassarra from Cultura Planeteria to find out what lessons she learnt from the COP being moved from Chile. 

Why have young people been so effective in communicating the urgency of the climate crisis?

Why have young people been so effective in communicating the urgency of the climate crisis? And what is it that motivates these activists? Tami Pein of SCCS speaks to Scottish Youth Climate Striker, Dylan Hamilton, Catrina Randall of Youth FoES, and Seonaid Knox of Scottish Prophetic Activists

Riders On The Storm: Alastair McIntosh Book Launch

Listen back to the Book Launch to celebrate the publication of Riders on the Storm: The Climate Crisis and the Survival of Being by Alastair McIntosh.

Alastair will be in conversation with Professor Alison Phipps, holder of the UNESCO Chair in Refugee Integration at Glasgow University.

The launch is hosted in partnership with the Centre for Human Ecology. 

Art and Climate

Kat Jones of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, talks to Artist and Activist Fadzai Mwkutuya and Academic and Artist Inge Paneels about Artivism, their own experiences of art and climate campaigning, and why art and culture need to be central to COP26.  Fadzai is the founder of, a collaborate network for artists who explore the issues of climate change through art. 

Food for Good Coalition

Tami talks to Food for Good Edinburgh about their work ensuring no-one is isolated from good food during the covid-19 crisis and the connections between food, community, resilience in a crisis and climate justice.

On the podcast you’ll hear from Kirtsy Haigh,  Johnny Briggs and Simon Kenton-Lake. With a special shout out to SCCS’s Nick Cullen who is a key coordinator in the Coalition.

To find out more about their work visit:

ÙNA Festival - Uniting Scotland and South America through arts, film, music and storytelling
For our first episode of the Climate Fringe Stories Tami is in conversation with ÚNA festival organisers, Isabella Noero and Cameron Mackay. The episode delves into their motivations to put on ÚNA TraDigital Festival 2020. Touching on the power of storytelling, myth and education within climate arts. 

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