Taking the emotional temperature of COP26

An installation of Sagacity will be live at the Climate Fringe Cafe daily 8am-430pm

Aidan Moesby
Sagacity: The Periodic Table of Emotions

Sagacity is a live responsive installation based around the Periodic Table which reflects the emotional state of its location using Twitter.

The installation works through picking up emotions from Tweets associated with COP26.  When one of the emotional words from the Periodic Table of Emotions is detected it lights up and over time the intensity fades over a period of an hour unless it is tweeted again. Thus giving us a live visual of the state of COP26.

The emotions are grouped according to type and coloured accordingly. They are also given an emotional weight. For instance, Happy is lighter than Ecstatic, Fondness is lighter than Passion. Similarly feeling Sad is not as heavy as feeling Desolate.  

We invite you to engage with the artwork by tweeting your message including #COP26, and seeing your words light up. Or just watch a bit and observe what those currently tweeting about COP26 are feeling.

Aidan Moesby is an artist curator working at the intersection of art, health and technology. His work is at once playful, intimate, questioning and deeply human, rooted in research, response and conversation, to explore climate change and mental health. He works extensively in the spaces where art, technology and wellbeing intersect, across mainstream and disability contexts promoting diversity and equality within the visual arts. 

With thanks to Len Pennie for the Scots words.
CANTIE- Happy, joyful
FAIN- Glad, pleased, content
VOGIE- Proud, elated, pleased with oneself
WABBIT- Under the weather
FASHED- Bothered or annoyed
FERFOCHEN- Exhausted from effort
SCOMFISHED- Either disgusted or suffocated, choked
DOWF- Mournful
DISJASKIT- Sad, down depressed

This COP26-specific evolution of Sagacity was created in collaboration with Stop Climate Chaos Scotland