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Bringing together diverse voices to share knowledge, experience and to inspire us in the run-up to COP. Watch all our previous events below.

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SCCS and The Poverty Alliance are hosting a webinar to explore the overlapping issues of poverty and the climate emergency in relation to transport in Scotland on Friday 8 October.


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Episode Archive

Episode 9 What can Churches do for Climate Justice?
This event took place on Thursday 16th of March 2021

In the year that the UN climate talks ‘COP26’ come to Glasgow, there are many ways that churches and people of faith can contribute meaningfully to climate action – before, during and after. Join us to hear from inspirational campaigners from churches who have taken action on climate, how their faith inspires them, and find out how you can get involved in 2021. This event is in partnership with Christian Aid, Eco-Congregation Scotland, SCIAF and Tearfund.

Episode 8 Nature and the Climate Crisis 
This event took place on Thursday 4th of February 2021

This webinar is to explore both the vulnerability and potential of nature ecosystems, and highlight how people and communities are at the core of enacting change for nature and climate.

What do we mean when we say ‘nature’s role in mitigation and adaptation’? Can we effectively outline safeguards, or principles, for nature based solutions that allow nature to be used as a tool for the climate? What are some examples of effective work in this field, and what are the standards and values by which we evaluate that effectiveness? How can people be at the heart of this work?

Episode 7 Trees, Community and Climate 
This event took place on Thursday 26th of November
This conversation between Alan McDonnal of Trees for Life, Veronique Walraven of Morven Community Woodlands, and Sarobidy Rakotonarivo, of ESSA- Forêts, Madagascar, will explore how forest conservation and woodland restoration can best deliver climate mitigation, what other co-benefits it has, and the role of local communities in delivering them.
Episode 6 Disability and Climate Justice 
This event took place on Thursday 22nd of October
Disabled people have been an overlooked group in climate change negotiations, policy-making, and program implementation to date. Join our Disability and Climate Justice webinar to learn about the importance of disability rights in climate mitigation and adaptation efforts.
Episode 5 An Introduction to Just Transition
This event took place on Thursday 17th of September 
It’s been five years since frontline communities, trade unions and environmental organisations successfully pushed for Just Transition to be a key part of the Paris Agreement. With COP arriving in Glasgow next year, join Friends of the Earth Scotland’s Just Transition Campaigner Ryan Morrison for a discussion about what a Just Transition means internationally and domestically.
Episode 4 Eating our Way to a Better Climate
This event took place on Friday 11th of September 
Watch back Nourish Scotland’s discussion on a food systems approach to the Climate Emergency. Pete Richie will talk about the need for Food Systems Thinking. Prof Dave Reay, the Executive Director at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation will then go through the science behind Food Systems Thinking and Sofie Quist from Nourish Scotland will introduce us to Nourish’s exciting plans for COP26. The event will be followed by a Q&A.
Episode 3 It’s Our Future! Youth Voices in Climate
This event took place on Thursday 20th August 
Why have young people been so effective in communicating the urgency of the climate crisis? And what is it that motivates these activists? Tami Pein of SCCS speaks to Scottish Youth Climate Striker, Dylan Hamilton, Catrina Randall of Youth FoES, and Seonaid Knox of Scottish Prophetic Activists
Episode 2 An Introduction to Climate Justice

This event took place on Tuesday 7th July 

This Climate Conversation was hosted by Ben Wilson, the SCCS International Group Chair. Ben has worked in policy at SCIAF focusing on Climate Justice. In conversation with Ben are Nishma Doshi, a Climate Justice activist in Scotland and Ilisapeci Masivesi from Oxfam Pacfic.
This event looked at  what Climate Justice means to our speakers, looking at the Scottish perspective and examples from Fiji.
Episode 1 An Introduction to COP

This event took place on 10 June 2020.

Kat Jones of SCCS spoke about experiencing COP as a first-timer. Ricardo Navarro, of Friends of the Earth El Salvador brought a global south perspective on COP, and Simon Anderson of the Alliance will explain a bit about UNFCCC and what we are expecting to be the key issues at COP26.