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A series of online events that bring together diverse voices to share knowledge, experience and to inspire us in the run up to COP. Sign up below for our live events & scroll down for more…

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Trees, Community & Climate

26th of November 4-5pm UK Time (GMT) 

There is a lot of talk about the importance of tree planting and in reducing deforestation, in dealing with climate crisis.  Scottish Government have ambitious tree planting targets, and COP26 will include discussions on how to reduce deforestation world-wide. But what is the best way of achieving this?  Is this just about emissions or are there other things at stake?  Where do people fit into woodland restoration, rewilding and forest conservation?

This conversation between Alan McDonnal of Trees for Life, Veronique Walraven of Morven Community Woodlands, and Sarobidy Rakotonarivo, a research fellow at Bangor University based in Madagascar, will explore how forest conservation and woodland restoration can best deliver climate mitigation, the co-benefits that arise, and the role of local communities in delivering them. The event is chaired by Kat Jones at SCCS, 

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Finance  and Climate Justice 

30th November 12-1pm GMT

At COP26, the need for finance for mitigation, adaptation and loss and damage, will be a key priority for global south countries currently facing the climate emergency. The SCCS and Jubilee Scotland report ‘Financing Climate Justice’, outlines the need for increased climate finance to global-south countries hit hard by climate change, and Scotland’s role in creating such change. 

We will hear from Saleemul Huq, Director of the International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD) at Independent University, Bangladesh, Sadie De Coste, an activist and researcher and co-founder of the Loss and Damage Youth Coalition, and Anne Funnemark of Jubilee Scotland. 

The event will illustrate the need for climate finance support for the global south communities which have contributed little to creating the climate crisis and are already suffering devastating consequences. It will show how Scotland can act on its commitment to climate justice through increasing its climate justice fund and championing championing finance for the global south at COP26.

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Climate Fringe Winter Social

9th December 4-5:30pm GMT

Join us with some mulled wine and mince pies for the the Climate Fringe Winter Social! 

This event is an informal get-together, and relaxed
networking to reconnect when face-to-face is more challenging. 

Let’s come together and share stories . We want to hear about the wonderful projects you’ve been part of this year. 

It’s time to take off our professional hats and put on our festive attire. Expect story telling, music and fun & games.

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