Climate Fringe Week 

18-26 September 2021

Each year at the end of September international leaders from business, government and civil society meet in New York for talks. This is a vital time to influence decision-making and the Climate Fringe will be encouraging  groups across Scotland to run activities,  events and actions 18-26 September.  This ties in with Great Big Green Week in England and Wales

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Get Involved

Are you a Scotland-based organisation or group interested in building momentum towards COP26? Then why not take part in Climate Fringe Week.  We want to celebrate and support all the amazing work that is already happening across the Scottish Climate Movement, while also giving people new to climate campaigning and action an easy way to get involved.  


If you already have events planned we’d love to make them part of Climate Fringe week, and we can help spread the word and get more people involved. If you want to organise something new there are loads of ideas in the toolkit below.  

We look forward to hearing from you!

1. Connect with Us 

We’d love to know that you are thinking of running an event as part of Climate Fringe week – let us know by emailing and so we can send you updates and connect you with our networking events

2. Download the Toolkit 

There are loads of ideas to get started and useful links in the toolkit.

3. Use the logo 

Add the Climate Fringe Week logo to your event to make it look and feel part of the festival.

4. Add your event to the calendar

Our simple event uploader will help you list all the relevant information in order to promote your event.  If you have any difficulties contact

5. Look at our support fund

If you need funding to help realise your event we have funding to pay key expenses for creating events and activities for Climate Fringe Week.

6. Join our monthly information and networking sessions 

Each month we will host an informative Q&A session for organisations interested in taking part in Climate Fringe Week.

Our Next Meeting is below

We are planning an online information evening for interested groups on Wednesday 28 April at 6pm

In England and Wales 

If you are in England and Wales then 18-26 September is Great Big Green Week. There will be a myriad of events and activities going on. Connect with Great Big Green Week here: