Welcome to Glasgow - "dear green place"

Glasgow has a rich history of powerful social movements and we want to support global civil society to have the biggest possible impact on the talks.  We believe that the COP in Glasgow should have a sense of place, a distinct feel which inspires real meeting, engagement, listening, and can enable transformation. 
We want people coming to Glasgow, whether for the official COP, or for activities related to the COP, to feel the distinctiveness of our city of, Glaschu, the ‘Dear Green Place’ and the warmth of a Scottish welcome. 
Scotland has a rich tradition of story and song, in both Scots and Gaelic, and within our multicultural communities, that has been bringing people together, in good times and bad, for centuries. We will bring ceilidh culture to the COP, creating the civil society COP26 Hub, offering a place where civil society from all over the world can gather around a communal hearth and where people’s stories are heard. 
You can read the full ‘Framing the COP’ statement created by Scottish Civil society .

Credit for the above photo to  Doug Shapely www.dougshapleyphotography.com