Climate Fringe Online

The place to find out about events of all kinds in the run up to and during COP26. 

In Scotland, and further afield.

Find and share online events, workshops, films, gatherings, open meetings and more.

The Climate Fringe has moved online. So much has changed in the last few months, with a delay to COP and covid-19 impacting so many individuals and organisations across the Scottish climate movement. COP may be postponed but the need for action on climate is as urgent as ever.  We are responding by reimagining the climate fringe as a place to help people connect with all the online climate-related activity that is springing up in Scotland, and beyond, on our events page. If you have views and ideas on how we can develop this please let us know.


It will eventually be safe to hold in-person events and, when that happens, this site will become a home for  the many hundred of events and activities, training and mobilisations that are planned by organisations across Scottish civil society in the run up to COP.  We also plan to provide local information and create a network of home-stays and for our friends across global civil society who will be travelling to Glasgow for COP, including plans for a Civil Society Hub for COP26. The hub will provide facilities to enable global and local civil society to be effective and connected during COP.

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