ABOUT THE Climate Fringe

This site provides a platform for all of civil society, from activists to NGOs to Trade Unions, particularly in Scotland, to share events and connect around Climate Change and COP26. It has been built by SCCS to support and serve the wider movement, in collaboration with the COP26 UK Coalition and other groups – International and Local. Please sign up to our newsletter for updates.

We created this site to share information on events across the climate community in Scotland in the run up to COP.  We hope it is a place where everyone can feel at home, a platform for many and diverse voices, accessible to new audiences, and a Scottish welcome to international civil society planning to come to Glasgow.

ABOUT THE Coalitions

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland is a civil society coalition who have been campaigning together on climate change since 2007. We have over 50 members including environment NGOs, community groups, development charities, unions, and faith and belief groups. We have created this website as a platform to serve wider civil society in Scotland, the UK, and globally, in the run up to COP26. Our aims are to build momentum in the run up to COP, to provide local knowledge, support and a welcome for global civil society coming to Glasgow, and to help establish a strong legacy, particularly for Scottish civil society, from COP26.

The COP26 Coalition is a UK-wide coalition organising ahead of the 2020 UN Climate Negotiations in Glasgow. We are an coalition of UK civil society groups from diverse constituencies such as trade unions, development and environment NGOs, direct action groups, climate justice organisations, migrant & racial justice networks, faith groups, and student movements.

We are working in a broad, diverse and inclusive formation to organise ourselves as UK civil society around COP26 and are in the process of establishing UK-level and Scottish-level coordinating groups, with Scottish representation on the UK group and strong communication between the two groups.

Members are currently working together on Mobilisations, Logistics, Movement Building, Local Connectivity, International Solidarity, Political Strategy and Fundraising.  If your organisation would like to get involved and coordinate it’s activities with other groups in the movement, please email: 


Credit for the above photo to  Doug Shapely – www.dougshapleyphotography.com