Organise an Event

As a community-led and community-organised festival, your event is an integral part in making the Climate Fringe Festival a success. 

We have put together some resources to help you in this process – have a look below. Join us in making the Climate Fringe Festival the largest community-led event for climate that Scotland has seen. 

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How can I get involved?

Plan your Event

1. Plan your Event

All you have to do is to organise an event, activity or action in your community between 10th and 18th of June.

A focus on Climate, Nature & Sustainability is key – from talks to workshops, from art installations, to performances, to actions. It can be in-person, online or both.

2. Use the Climate Fringe Festival Logo

Add the Climate Fringe logo on any promotion material or communications about your event – images, posters, social media posts, digital flyers, etc.

If you need support with this let us know at [email protected]. You can also use any of the promotion materials available in the link below.

Climate Fringe Logo
Add to the Calendar

3. Add your event to our Calendar

Create an Account and submit your event! You’ll be able to sign back in to manage and update your events as you have new information. Alternatively, simply use our Event Uploader.

The submission form will help you list all relevant information. Don’t forget to select ‘climate fringe festival’ and use our logo in your event image!

4. Stay Connected

Keep in touch! Check out what other resources we have available for event organisers.

And don’t forget to tag @climatefringe on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and to use #climatefringefestival when posting about your event.

Stay connected

 Please read our event moderation guidelines.

If you have any questions or need any support organising or submiting an event, feel free to reach us at [email protected].

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Organising an Event

Unsure where to start? There are many ways to get involved! Below you’ll find some resources to help yout through organising a brilliant event.

Organisers Guide

Need some inspiration for your event? Have a look at this guide we have put together! You can also download it here.

Last updated with new resources on 20th April, including alternative funding opportunities, Clean Air Day opportunities and more!

Great Big Green Week Organisers Guide – our sister organisation down south has put this handy guide on how to organise your own local event.

Great Big Green Week A-Z of Event Ideas – another great resource by the Great Big Green Week to give you ideas for some great events.

You can find Great Big Green Week Resources here.


We want to make the Climate Fringe as inclusive as possible. We ask that you consider how you can make your event actively accessible to all.

Our Organisers Guide already touches some key things to consider regarding accessibility. Below you’ll find a few other helpful resources.

Doing Hybrid Events Cheaply and Easily – this great guide by Criptic Arts has great advice on how to organise an event that engages both an online and in-person audience.

Venues and Accessibility Seeds for Change have a great guide on things to consider regarding the accessibility of your venue.

Event Plannining Guide – here’s another good guide by the Equality and Human Rights Comission with more things to consider when planning an event with accessibility in mind.

Planning Neuro-inclusive Events – this great article by Lisa Jade Hutchings is a good place to start to learn about neuro-inclusivity and to think on ways to make your event more accessible to those that are neurodivergent.

Neurodiversity & Sensory-friendly Event Guide – another great guide to help you organise a neuro-inclusive event.

Making your event more impactful!

1. Promote the festival and your Event

Help us promote the Climate Fringe Festival far and wide!

Check out our Comms Pack for guidance, resources and tools for promoting your event, including images and templates you can use in your social media and newsletters. 

2. Engage your MSP and local representatives

Make your event even more impactful by engaging your MSPs and local councillors.

As individuals and communities, we have the power to hold our representatives accountable. Events organised at the community level make a clear case that your constituency is invested in taking climate action. Engaging your MSP or local councillor in your Climate Fringe Festival event is a great way to give a clear message that your local area is invested in taking action.

Find out more about how to engage your MSPs and local politicians in our guide. You will also find a template letter you can use to invite your representatives to take part in your event.

3. Invite local media

Getting media coverage is a great way to get the word out and increase awareness about the work you are doing or what issues are affecting your community.

Local media is always interested in local stories of interest, so make sure to get in touch with them and invite them to your event, especially if your MSP or local councillor has been invited. Think about which local media you want to invite and write to them, be it newspaper, radio or TV.

You can use our Press Release Template to write your own letter.

Get in Touch

If you need any help organising your event, uploading it to the Climate Fringe or just want to get in touch please email [email protected]

  • Bruno Santos

    Bruno coordinates the Climate Fringe platform and Climate Fringe Festival, working closely with event organisers to support and promote their work. Previously, he worked with the COP26 Coalition, collaborating with SCCS to develop a joint volunteering programme. He has been active within the Food Justice and Migrant Justice movements, co-founded the food collective Nourishing Change and coordinated food access operations for refugees and displaced people in Calais, France.