SCCS COP26 Project

This page compiles all the reports and other useful information from the work that Stop Climate Chaos Scotland did at COP26 as local hosts. Navigate by section:

  1. What We Did
  2. Summary Report
  3. Homestay Network Video Feedback
  4. Open Mic Ceilidhs Video
  5. Full Project Report
  6. Evaluation Report
  7. Final Presentation Slides
  8. Project Archive

What We Did

We have archived all our useful documents and documented everything we did in detail – as you scroll down you will find videos, full reports and a summary report as well as a link to our full document archive which we have open for all to use in future.

This video is the final presentation of the project by Kat Jones, on 20 Jan 2022

Summary Report

When Glasgow was announced as the location for COP26 we realised that one of the most important things we could do, as local civil society, was to support international civil society impact at COP, particularly from global south countries and other marginalised communities, by providing facilities, venues, accommodation, welcome rest and refreshment for international campaigners and activists. We wanted to do this while supporting and building the local climate movement, drawing more people and organisations in and providing opportunities for everyone to connect with COP and leave an enduring legacy.

As important as what we did was how we did it, as our intention was to provide that support to international civil society coming to COP, while also building up Scotland’s and Glasgow’s own capacity to be involved and maximise the potential for legacy.

Read on to find out more ….

Homestay Network Video Feedback

Open Mic Ceilidhs Video

Full Project Report and Playbook

This report has been written to give access to the full information about the work that the SCCS COP26 Project Team undertook for COP26. This is the long-form ‘how we did it’ report with links to all key documents.  

This report is intended to be useful to those who wish a more detailed overview of the work we did: SCCS members, funders, those who were involved, and those who may wish to do similar things in future, and so has links to further reports and template documents, and ways of working that could be useful for feeding into further projects related to COP in future as well as legacy work.

Many useful documents we worked on are linked in this report and also in an archive Google Drive here

The 4 page Summary Report can be viewed here and an independent Evaluation here.

Evaluation Report

This is the report from independent evaluators who researched the impact of the project and how it met the objectives

This is the report from independent evaluators who researched the impact of the project and how it met the objectives

Final Presentation Slide Deck 

This is a copy of the slide deck of the report of the project

Project Archive

We hope that the work we put in over the past two years is useful to those who come after us, especially at COPs, but also for those looking to mobilise in their own communities wherever they are. To help with this we have saved all the reports and the documents in an archive. Feel free to borrow from these – use them as please: if you need a safeguarding policy use ours as a template, if you need a platform for promoting community venues then use ours as a template….

We hope this information is useful to you and if you would like to get in touch please contact [email protected]

From Kat Jones and the whole COP26 Project Team

“The Home Stay Network, Climate Fringe and the other work of SCCS allowed the people of Glasgow to experience and to offer love in action, to be part of the practical outworking of ways of making peace. It allowed those of us involved to discover that courage can be fun; generosity breeds abundance; that serious conversation around tables are the energy of hope. And that we are not alone but part of a world of connections.”
Glasgow Resident and Participant in SCCS Activities during COP26
  • Nick Cullen

    Nick is a past coordinator for the Climate Fringe platform and Climate Fringe Festival, working on strategy, website development and communications. He spent two years at SCCS in the lead up to COP26 and led on developing the Homestay Network, volunteering programme, COVID-19 safety, and many other aspects of logistics and operations in collaboration with the COP26 Coalition.