Glasgow Green Map

In the run up to COP26, Stop Climate Chaos Scotland and Glasgow Eco Trust teamed up to create a map of Glasgow using the open-source Green Maps platform. We’re mapping community resources and sustainable, locally run businesses, green spaces, and much more.

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Contribute to the Glasgow Green Map

We need you to add to the map! Anyone can add a new point on the map – you don’t need to be signed up. Simply add your site to one of our campaigns: community gardens, local cafes, sustainable supermarkets, local bars & restaurants, green spaces, hidden gems, bike shops and water refill stations. When adding features to the map, please provide: the feature name, a short description, an image, a link to any website or social media and select the relevant icons.

Please spread the word on using the #GlasgowGreenMap hashtag!

Get In Touch

If you have questions get in touch with [email protected].

  • Nick Cullen

    Nick is a past coordinator for the Climate Fringe platform and Climate Fringe Festival, working on strategy, website development and communications. He spent two years at SCCS in the lead up to COP26 and led on developing the Homestay Network, volunteering programme, COVID-19 safety, and many other aspects of logistics and operations in collaboration with the COP26 Coalition.