Climate Fringe Festival

What is the Climate Fringe Festival?

The Climate Fringe Festival is a community-led and community-organised series of events taking place across the whole of Scotland.

It’s Scotland’s call for action on climate change and takes place in June – keep an eye out for updates on next year’s festival!

Building on the momentum achieved over COP26 in Glasgow, since 2021 the Climate Fringe Festival has seen hundreds of events across the country, bringing together people from Orkney to Dumfries, from Uist to Kelso.  It highlighted the diversity of the Scottish climate movement and the many ways people can and already are taking action in their communities.

Groups from the full breadth of the climate movement have taken part, from environmental groups, faith groups and migrant justice groups, to community farms, artists and local associations.

Our aim is to keep building on this momentum and show decision makers that the movement is stronger than ever and people from all walks of life are committed to take action on climate change.

Together, we will show decision-makers that your community is coming together with others across Scotland to call for strong action to tackle the climate and nature crises.


The Climate Fringe Festival will run alongside the Great Big Green Week, organised by our sister organisation The Climate Coalition across the rest of the UK.

Help us get the word out!

To be a success, the Climate Fringe Festival needs to reach as many people and organisations as possible. Help us promote the Climate Fringe Festival far and wide!

Here’s a handy Comms Pack to help you promote the Climate Fringe Festival and your event via Social Media, Newsletters, Email and in-person. It includes information on what the Climate Fringe Festival is, as well as templates you can use across all social media and other digital communications. You can find our flyers and social media assets to share in this folder.

Make sure to share with your networks, communities and friends.
Help us make the Climate Fringe Festival the largest community-led event for Climate, Nature and Sustainability that Scotland has seen!

If you’d like us to send you printed versions of the flyer in this folder by mail, get in touch with [email protected]

Who can join the Climate Fringe Festival?

Anyone wanting to make a difference! The Climate Fringe Festival is a festival led by Civil Society for Civil Society.

Join us next June, whether you are a small local community group or a large organisation working across Scotland.

A focus on Climate, Nature, & Sustainability is key – from talks to workshops, performances to community festivals, conferences to repair shops. It can be both in-person, online, or both.

We particularly welcome events from grassroots and underrepresented groups within the Climate Movement, and strongly encourage collaborations between groups from different backgrounds.

You can find plenty of resources to help you organise an event in our Organiser’s Guide. And make sure to join our Climate Fringe Festival Organiser’s mailing list today to stay up-to-date with the latest news about the Climate Fringe Festival 2024.

Join us in making the Climate Fringe Festival the largest community-led event for Climate, Nature and Sustainability that Scotland has seen!

Together we will show decision-makers, from local government to Holyrood and Westminster, that we demand meaningful action now – for a greener, low carbon, sustainable future.

Please note, the Climate Fringe Festival is aimed at groups and organisations based in Scotland. If you are organising an event somewhere else in the UK, check out the Great Big Green Week.

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  • Bruno Santos

    Bruno coordinates the Climate Fringe platform and Climate Fringe Festival, working closely with event organisers to support and promote their work. Previously, he worked with the COP26 Coalition, collaborating with SCCS to develop a joint volunteering programme. He has been active within the Food Justice and Migrant Justice movements, co-founded the food collective Nourishing Change and coordinated food access operations for refugees and displaced people in Calais, France.