Campaigning for an ambitious new climate law for Scotland

In 2015, the world reached a new global agreement on how to tackle climate change. Through the Paris Agreement, countries across the world have committed to reduce their emissions to limit global temperature increases and the associated devastating impacts on people, places and species.

In response to this new global context, the Scottish Government has in 2018 brought new climate legislation to the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood. This will update and amend parts of the existing Scottish Climate Change Act from 2009. However, Stop Climate Chaos Scotland believes that this new proposed law does not represent sufficient climate ambition nor action.

Together we can strengthen Scotland’s efforts on climate action through this important new law.

Campaign Priorities

We have identified three key areas for action in this new climate law for Scotland.

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Timeline & What’s Next

Key campaign moments and how you can get involved.

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100 Voices

Amplifying the voices of people overseas affected by devastating climate impacts.

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What’s Happened So Far

There’s been some excellent progress made on this campaign but there’s lots still to do.

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Campaign Materials

A range of resources to help you get informed and take action.

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Our answers to some frequently asked questions about climate change and this campaign.

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