Climate Fringe Festival: an overview

  • 06 Oct 2022
  • Written by Bruno Santos
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The Climate Fringe Festival has brought the Scottish climate movement together with over 160 events across the country, highlighting how Scotland still sees climate action as a priority.

Looking back at the past few weeks.

With September coming to a close, we are at the very end of the Climate Fringe Festival.  Over the past few weeks, Scottish organisations and community groups have come together and organised events centred around Climate, Community and Justice.

We have seen over 160 events taking place across the whole country, from the Isle of Benbecula to Dun in the Scottish Borders. These have been organised by groups from the full breadth of the climate movement, from environmental groups, faith groups and migrant justice groups, to community farms, artists and local associations.

Overall, the Climate Fringe funded a total of 41 events from 35 different organisations and community groups from all over the country.


'MycoRenewal in Theory and Practice’ with Radical Mycology Co-founder Maya Elson, by Rhyze Mushrooms
Decolonising Food Symposium by Migrants Organising for Rights & Empowerment

The diversity of groups involved was reflected in the myriad of events happening. These ranged from community festivals with a focus on sustainability, to climate cafes and swap shops, to talks, workshops and discussions on climate justice, reparations, just transition, climate education, urban farming, circular economy, and much, much more.

Meanwhile in Leith Festival, by Leith Community Growers
Pick You Own Lunch, by Woodside Arran CIC


The festival has highlighted the diversity of the climate movement in Scotland and the many different ways people can and already are taking action in their communities.

Almost a year after COP26 took place in Glasgow, the Climate Fringe Festival is a testimony to the fact that Scotland has kept its momentum and still has Climate Action at the forefront of people’s minds.

The Big Bike Give-Away, by Lochaber Environmental Group
Edinburgh Climate Festival
Glentrol Enviro-Day, by Galloway and Southern Ayrshire UNESCO Biosphere
Science & Nature Conference 2022, by Footprints East Neuk
What’s next?

In just a month’s time, COP27 will be taking place in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.

Following COP26 failure to take effective action to keep us below the 1.5°C targets, extreme weather events across the globe, and an energy crisis, it is crucial to keep the pressure on policy-makers.

The Climate Fringe Festival has shown us that Scotland has not lost momentum following the shortcomings of last year’s COP26 and demands meaningful climate action to be taken.

A Mass Mobilisation on the 12th of November is being called across the UK in solidarity with the COP27 Coalition’s Global Day of Action, against the cost of living crisis and for climate justice.

More details on the Scottish Mobilisations will be available soon, so keep an eye out.

In the meanwhile, there are still a few Climate Fringe Festival events happening over the next few weeks, so make sure to check out our calendar!

  • Bruno Santos

    Bruno coordinates the Climate Fringe platform and Climate Fringe Festival, working closely with event organisers to support and promote their work. Previously, he worked with the COP26 Coalition, collaborating with SCCS to develop a joint volunteering programme. He has been active within the Food Justice and Migrant Justice movements, co-founded the food collective Nourishing Change and coordinated food access operations for refugees and displaced people in Calais, France.