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  • 02 Sep 2021
  • Written by Nick Cullen
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We are looking for volunteers that have a bit of time in the next two months to help us us with some key pieces of work we hope will make a real impact on COP26.


In our work SCCS’s work takes a Climate Justice approach, ensuring that the voices of those most affected by climate breakdown are heard, and this informs our work in our communications and website. The Climate Fringe aims to create a platform for the work of the whole climate movement in Scotland to share their activities, events, training and other things and to join together the movement as we work towards COP26.
The Roles:
We are seeking volunteers to help support work that directly delivers towards COP.  

Event Website & Climate Fringe TV Volunteer

We have a plan that Climate Fringe will become the go-to site for information on what is happening in civil society during COP26. This will mean events in the blue zone, in the rest of Glasgow and possibly also throughout the UK – and even further afield.

We’re be looking for a volunteer who is internet savvy, has a basic knowledge of wordpress websites, and is passionate about providing good information to people and linking things up for people at COP26 to help us deliver this project. Someone who gets satisfaction out of discovering where information is hidden and making it available to everyone.


One Lead and two other volunteers needed


Glasgow Shop Fronts Project volunteer

Covid means fewer people can travel to COP, especially from those countries most affected by climate change.  We are seeking shop from space so groups can send artwork and banners to Glasgow.

We are seeking a volunteer to help link the international groups who wish to send banners or art with the locations in Glasgow who have volunteered shop front and exhibition space and to make th exhibitions a reality.

We are just starting to move from home-working to an office base in Glasgow (Charing Cross in September and then Kinning park from October).  These roles will suit people who are based in Glasgow and wish to work in an office and also those that wish to work online. We love to meet and support our volunteers in person but we all know that remote working is also a very effective way of getting things done and so are happy to hear from those who are not based in Glasgow and have time to spare.
How much time?
We want these roles to sit easily alongside other things that you are doing and so we are happy to consider volunteers working anything from a half day a week to several days a week. In order for us to best support you it would be best if this is during the working week but, for those who will be remote working, evenings or weekends working would be fine.
What we can offer:
We will offer training and support related to the volunteer role. There will be a lot of variety and interest and a great team to become part of. These roles are a really exciting as an opportunity to be involved in work linked to the COP26 in Glasgow and to make a real difference. If you are based in Glasgow and travelling into the office or elsewhere on behalf of SCCS we will cover T&S.
How to apply:
Please send answers to the following questions to [email protected]. Please type the name of role you are interested in into the email title so we can send to the right person!
If you have a CV please enclose this too
– What do you have to offer to the role? (outline the parts of the role you are most interested in and the experience, skills or knowledge that you have that make you suitable) – max 300 words
– What makes you most interested in the role? max 150 words
– How many hours/days a week would you be looking to volunteer – what days?
please apply by 15 September 2021
  • Nick Cullen

    Nick is a past coordinator for the Climate Fringe platform and Climate Fringe Festival, working on strategy, website development and communications. He spent two years at SCCS in the lead up to COP26 and led on developing the Homestay Network, volunteering programme, COVID-19 safety, and many other aspects of logistics and operations in collaboration with the COP26 Coalition.