End Fossil Fuels: Hundreds join Edinburgh March for Global Day of Action

  • 19 Sep 2023
  • Written by Bruno Santos
  • General

Last Saturday, the Scottish people have taken to the streets of Edinburgh calling on the Scottish and UK Government to take climate change seriously and develop an urgent plan for a just and fast transition away from Fossil Fuels.

Photo by Richard Nixon (Friends of the Earth Scotland)

The Edinburgh March joined over 500 other actions across 60 countries in a Global Day of Action to End Fossil Fuels, as world leaders gather at the United Nations’ Climate Ambition Summit in New York.

Thank you to everyone that joined us on the day and made this such a successful event! Once again, we have made it clear that there is a strong public mandate for a fair and fast transition away from fossil fuels that puts workers and communities first.

You can read more here on the global context of the day of action and how the Edinburgh march fits within the Scottish and UK political landscape.

Photo by Richard Dixon (Friends of the Earth)
Photo by Bruno Santos (Climate Fringe)

The march aimed to bring attention to diverse campaigns around the need to move away from fossil fuels.

As participants marched past Queen Elizabeth House, the UK Government Buildings in Edinburgh, we heard from Stop Rosebank campaign and the need to halt new oil and gas plans in the North Sea. Dozens of protestors left their own messages in colourful post-it notes across the entrance of the building. Throughout the march itself, banners and home-made signs echoed the sentiment. You can see some of these in the gallery at the bottom of the page.

The rally at the Scottish Parliament saw trade unionists, anti-poverty groups, community groups, young climate activists and a rendition of Dolly Parton’s Liar Liar. The shared message was clear: We must stop new oil and gas projects, we must divest from fossil fuels, and we must create a fairer, greener Scotland that works for the Scottish people.

Photo by Bruno Santos (Climate Fringe)
Photo by Neil Hanna (FoE Scotland) neilhannaphotography.co.uk

Yet another measure of its success was the amount of media traction it got. The march has been covered across many local and national media, including STV News, The National, The Scotsman, Edinburgh Live, BBC News and Edinburgh Evening News.

All this wouldn’t have been possible without the work of dozens of amazing volunteers who have given their time and energy to help organise, promote and keep participants safe. To all of those who gifted their time, a huge thank you!

Together, we can keep the pressure up and show policy-makers the Scottish people demand meaningful action that will lead to a fairer, greener and more sustainable future for workers and communities!

  • Bruno Santos

    Bruno coordinates the Climate Fringe platform and Climate Fringe Festival, working closely with event organisers to support and promote their work. Previously, he worked with the COP26 Coalition, collaborating with SCCS to develop a joint volunteering programme. He has been active within the Food Justice and Migrant Justice movements, co-founded the food collective Nourishing Change and coordinated food access operations for refugees and displaced people in Calais, France.