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Active Hope: a journey of awakening
online one day course with Margo van Greta
November 20 2021
“The most remarkable feature of this historical moment is not that we are on the way to destroying our world–we’ve actually been on the way quite a while. It is that we are beginning to wake up, as from a millenia-long sleep, to a whole new relationship to our world, to ourselves, and to each other.” Joanna Macy

During this one day Active Hope online course, we engage on a journey of awakening, as individuals and also within a supportive group, We explore both the joys and challenges we face in ourselves, and in our surroundings, as we participate in the Great Turning, the global awakening that is currently taking place. Join us if you would like to engage more deeply in the healing of our world.
What is Active Hope?
Informed by mythic journeys, modern psychology, spirituality and holistic science, the course follows a FOUR-PART strengthening journey structured around the spiral of the Work that Reconnects.

Spiral of the Work that Reconnects

The journey begins with GRATITUDE, a nourishing quality we can all tap into, that reminds us of our allies and all that supports us.
In the second stage we HONOUR OUR PAIN for the world, acknowledging our feelings: our hurt, anger, or numbness. It allows us to be present with them, in our journey to wholeness.
In the third stage we explore new perspectives that allow us to SEE WITH NEW EYES, increasing our sense of what’s possible, catching an inspiring vision and daring to believe in new possibilities.
The final stage focuses on practical steps we can take as we prepare to GO FORTH. We discover tools and resources both within and outside of ourselves, identify learnable skills that help us harness the inspirational power of positive visions and find our personal role in working towards them.
The overall aim of this experiential program is to help you find your own practice of Active Hope. Each time you put your unique gift into action, you strengthen yourself, inspire those around you, and take a step in support of life on Earth.

THIS COURSE INCLUDES: six hours of facilitated sessions

What participants said after previous course (July 2021):

‘I was able to reconnect to my excitement for my heart project.’
‘This day will resonate for a long time and I know will continue to be the fertile ground for further discovery. A day full of ‘hope’.’
‘I found this such a refreshing day of deep connection – each of us holding this shared space to not only acknowledge and voice our sadness and despair about what we are doing to our world, but one where I could speak from a place of gratitude, recognise the actions I’m already taking in my day-to-day life, and then put into words some of the ideas that emerged for me about what could be my small contribution towards this Great Turning we will make together. I finished the day session feeling inspired and energised and deeply grateful for those that experienced it with me!’

Dates and Time: Saturday 20 November, 10am-1pm, 2.30-5.30pm GMT (UK time)

Price £100/£75/£50 Tiered pricing
There are 3 prices, in order to make this course available to all:
£100: Generosity price: to financially support those without the means to participate.
£75: Sustainable price: the regular price to sustain this course.
£50: Subsidised price, for those on low income and in need of financial assistance.
Please give generously within your means. If money is an issue, please contact me to find a solution.

Margo van Greta is a pioneer of holistic spirituality and a facilitator of transformation, creating a safe and supportive space for deepening the inner journey and regeneration. She trained with Joanna Macy and the Work that Reconnects, and facilitates Active Hope courses. She lives in the Findhorn Eco village in Scotland.



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