Tree Planting Campaign and Focused Group Discussion with Mbawa council ward of Guma LGA, Benue State.

11nov8:00 am2:00 pmTree Planting Campaign and Focused Group Discussion with Mbawa council ward of Guma LGA, Benue State.COP 26 IN MBAWA COMMUNITY Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria., 9701018:00 am - 2:00 pm OrganiserClimate FringeEvent TypeMeeting

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Activity Title
Tree Planting Campaign and Focused Group Discussion with Mbawa council ward of Guma LGA, Benue State.
Country of Implementation Nigeria
NAME OF implementing ORGANIZATION Environment & Climate Change Amelioration Initiaitve (ECCAI)
No. 18 Off David Mark Bypass Extension, Ankpa Quarters Makurdi
CONTACT PERSON- name, e-mail and telephone Victoria Esa
Executive Director

Romeo Obarike
Programme Officer

[email protected]

Webpage, social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube channel) Facebook: Environment and Climate Change Amelioration Initiative
Twitter: @ECCAIng
ACTIVITY PERIOD (include Start Date/Time and End Date/Time) 11th November, 2021/9:00am to 11th November, 2021/2:00pm
THEME Stand together, stay together


Mbawa Community is an agrarian community that is hosting two Internally Displaced Persons Camp with a population of 32, 812 IDPs. Due to the lack of alternative source of firewood, majority of the IDPs including the host community depends on the abundant natural vegetation found around the host community leading to the elimination of the trees and shrubs within these communities. This exposes the land within the community to degradation and gully erosion. The gully erosion on the other hand is affecting most of the tents built for the IDPs as there are no trees or shrubs to reduce the speed of runoff water, whilst the degradation is affecting the soil fertility in the community exacerbating the food security of a community already vulnerable to malnutrition due to the farmersherders crises. A fact finding assessment by the organization revealed that, other intervening donors had in the past enlightened and supply alternative source of cooking energy to the IDPs and host community to reduce over dependence on the natural vegetation. However, the damage already caused before the intervention is threatening the survival of the natural vegetation and livelihood of the host community as 97% of the inhabitants depends on agriculture which is been threatened due to land degradation. This project therefore, intends to organize a Focused Group Discussion (FGD) with the host community and IDPs on sustainable management of forest and plant 100 trees to begin the process of reforesting the natural forest vegetation found around Mbawa community.

To bring governments, business, civil society and young people together to accelerate progress on the shared challenges of climate change:

Natural habitats and ecosystem are restored, preserved and safeguarded.

• To plant 100 economic tree seedlings to repopulate the lost forest vegetation in Mbawa community.
• To have a Focused Grouped Discussion with 30 stakeholders from Mbawa community on how to safeguard and restore natural habitats and ecosystem.

Planting of 50 improved variety of tree seedlings
Printing and distribution of IEC materials
Mobilization of participants for focused Group Discussion
• Number of women involved in the activity
• Number of youths in attendance
• Number of NGOs present
• Number of government agencies in attendance
• Number of children in attendance
• Number of IDPs present

• Internally Displaced Persons
• Civil Society Organizations
• Youths
• Women
• Government Agencies

• Pictures
• Activity report
• Live streaming
• Participants attendance sheets
For the purpose of visibility and to showcase what we are doing to support the COP-26 summit, ECCAI will employ the use of Banners, Placards, fliers and social media posts to showcase her activities under the COP26.
By the end of this activity, it is expected that:
• Communities will bemore aware of the issues of climate change.
• Communities will have behavioural change and plant more trees towards climate justice and community resilience.

By way of sustainability, ECCAI will have a volunteer community vanguard that will check the planted trees on a daily basis to ensure they are being nurtured especially that we are approaching the dry seasons to keep them alive until the next raining season. The organization will also make sure she visits the tree planting sites bi-monthly as a way of monitoring to ensure the trees planted are well taken care of.
Summary Budget
Unit Unit Cost No of Units Quantity Amount in Pounds (£) Amount in Naira (N) Budget Code Comments/Remark
Purchase of tree seedlings 1 760.00 100 100 134.06 76,002.00 P1
Transportation of tree seedlings 2 200.00 50 50 17.64 10,000.30 The trees so purchased will be transported to a central location where the activity will be held.
Production of flex banner with Fringe Logo for the programme 3 8,500.00 2 2 30 17,007.30 P2 Two banners will be designed and produced for the purpose of visibility.
Participants transport stipends
4 2,500.00 30 30 132.30 75,002.20 P3 Transport will be given to participants to cover for to and fro the venue of the meeting.
Light refreshment for participants 5 2,000.00 33 33 116.42 66,000.10 P4 Refreshments will be given to participants during the focused group discussion.

Staff Per Diem 6 5,000.00 3 3 26.50 15,023.00 P5 This will be given to staff to aid in transportation and other running around.
Data for live streaming 7 43.08 24,420.10 P6
Total Amount (£)
500 283,455.00


(Thursday) 8:00 am - 2:00 pm


Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria.