Volunteers to build a COP26 Map for Glasgow

  • 11 May 2021
  • Written by Nick Cullen
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Stop Climate Chaos Scotland are seeking between 8 and 10 volunteers to become part of a team to help create a Green Map for COP26 to help
It is now a year until COP26 and in these coming months we need to build the momentum for action and change in Scotland and beyond.  SCCS is a coalition of  civil society groups including environmental and development charities, community groups, trade unions and faith groups, who have been campaigning on climate for over a decade. With COP26 now coming to Scotland we are preparing to host global civil society in Glasgow in November 2021 and we are also looking at how we can best support the vast array of activity taking place across wider civil society in these coming months.
We are bringing together an open-source online map of community resources and sustainable and locally run businesses for those coming to COP26. We would like to help COP26 delegates and activists find places to eat, shops and visit that bring value into local communities and give them a welcome to our city.  The map will also stay as a legacy after COP, and we hope that local community websites and websites for Glasgow visitors will host the map. There is more information about the map here
The Role:
We are seeking volunteers to become part of the Green Maps Team to crate and manage the process of creating the map before COP26.
The team will engage with the Glasgow community to create the COP26 Glasgow Green Map which will involve the mapping of local, sustainable, and community-run resources, acting as a platform for people to share their favourite spots in Glasgow. These will include local cafes, zero waste shops and community gardens; encouraging the community and people visiting the city to shop and consume sustainably.  Post-COP26, this will create a legacy that can be built on by the community for an ever-greener Glasgow.  
We know the value of being able to work together in person in a shared office, but due to the current situation the work will be delivered largely online from home. However we hope to be able to meet in person regularly where it is possible within the covid guidelines, and from September 2021 we will be working from a shared office.
How much time?
We want these roles to sit easily alongside other things that you are doing and so we are happy to consider volunteers working anything from a few hours a week  to a few days a week. In order for us to best support you it would be best if this is during the working week but some of the more specialist roles, evenings or weekends working would be fine.
What we can offer:
We will offer training and support related to the volunteer role. There will be a lot of variety and interest and a great team to become part of. These roles are a really exciting as an opportunity to be involved in work linked to the COP26 in Glasgow and to make a real difference there are also other volunteer roles to get involved with
How to apply:
Please send answers to the following questions to [email protected].
– What makes you most interested in the role? max 150 words
– What do you bring to the role?  max 300 words
– How many hours/days a week would you be looking to volunteer – what days?
please email to [email protected] by 25 May 2021
Come along to our workshop
Our next workshop for the COP26 Glasgow Green Map is on 27th May 6-7pm. Join us to get more information, learn how it works and connect with others taking part in the project.  Sign up to the workshop  here
  • Nick Cullen

    Nick is a past coordinator for the Climate Fringe platform and Climate Fringe Festival, working on strategy, website development and communications. He spent two years at SCCS in the lead up to COP26 and led on developing the Homestay Network, volunteering programme, COVID-19 safety, and many other aspects of logistics and operations in collaboration with the COP26 Coalition.